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Why should you hire a professional bengali wedding photographer

Colours, emotions, love, family, and grandeur. All of these are present in a bengali wedding. The decor, clothes, flowers, and food are either consumed, perished or go to the storage. But it is the wedding photographs that stay with you as a memory. And these memories are cherished forever. You may even show them to your children as a memoir of your ‘The day’. In this blog we are going to explain why you need a professional bengali wedding photographer in kolkata.

10 Best Interior Design Photoshoot Tips You Need To Know

Say, you got your new or current home professionally designed. And if you are from or around Kolkata, you have very likely done it through Eyesight Interiors. Now, you definitely might be wanting to do a decent Interior design photoshoot and share the picture perfect shots on your social media. For all your peers to know about the wonderful endeavour you just executed.

Traditional bengali jewellery collection for your wedding in 2021

Ask any bengali about weddings, you`re sure to hear one thing. That a bengali wedding is no less than a grand festival. And like many other indian weddings, traditional bengali jewellery made out of gold, make the backbone of the event.

How a London Couple Virtually Planned their Bengali Wedding

Having navigated through several challenging years out of our comfort zones, we wanted our wedding celebration to be a grand affair, celebrating our love and journey together. So here is a detailed guide on how we virtually planned our wedding at Kolkata from London.

15 Best Places for your Wedding Shopping in Kolkata

Find 15 most amazing marketplaces for your wedding shopping in Kolkata. Best markets in kolkata for bridal wear shopping must check out once.

How to Live Stream your Wedding - A Complete Guide (2021)

A wedding is an intimate ceremony that both the bride’s side and the groom’s side want to cherish throughout their lives. There will be certain memorable moments in your wedding that your close ones can’t afford to miss. So here are few tips on how to live-stream your wedding.

Top Mehndi Designs for Brides in 2021 - Qpidindia

Mehendi is a traditional art of painting the hands and feet which holds significance and meaning in Indian culture. It is a wedding ritual and an auspicious thing to do during weddings, religious functions, and many other events. It is a very important part of Indian culture and a forever trend, hence here is the list of top Mehendi Designs for Brides.

31 Best Romantic Places in Kolkata for Couples

'City of Joy' can be the ultimate destination for love. The idea of romance lies amidst love and fun with your loved ones and hence Kolkata being a city filled with nostalgia and modernism. With every street and every corner telling a story, here are the 31 romantic places in Kolkata for couples.

Best Wedding Photographer in Kolkata - Qpidindia

Photography is an art of creating not just an image, but an eternal memory. As the best wedding photographer in Kolkata, Qpid enhances the emotions through their photographs & captures the beautiful moments of your biggest day for you to cherish forever.

Sindoor Daan - Best Bengali candid wedding photography in Kolkata

In Bengali more over hinduism Sindoor Daan is a symbol of matrimony. Sindoor or Vermillion is first put on a woman by her husband on the day of her wedding, and becomes a daily ritual thereafter.

Best Pre wedding Photography ideas in Kolkata

Top 5 Pre wedding idea is a myth, and there is nothing more beautiful than falling in love again and again by planning romantic Pre wedding shoot with your partner. This is some really important tips below for getting Best Pre wedding Photo shoot in Kolkata.

Bengali Haldi Ceremony - Gaye holud candid wedding photography

Every Wedding ceremony follows some blessing rituals to complete, A wedding photographer involves to capture that moment especially the haldi photoshoot, and make those memories for a lifetime. Haldi Ceremony is one of the most important Rituals in Bengali weddings.

Popular Bengali Wedding Rituals You Need To Know

A traditional Bengali wedding has a lot of unique rituals that set it apart from other community weddings. Most people of this generation don't know or understand the rituals and customs of a Bengali wedding but do not blame themselves. So here we bring the most popular Bengali wedding rituals list.