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Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates: Unlock Vivah Muhurat Wedding Dates 2024

Want to know about the auspicious day to get married according to the Hindu calendar? We will tell you all about Shubh marriage muhurat and wedding dates 2024. Read this blog to know about panchang muhurats in 2024.

Latest Indian Wedding Trends 2024: Top 15 Trends for Grand Wedding

Indian wedding planning is a mixture of elegance, grandeur, and royalty. If you are looking forward to exploring the latest Indian wedding trends 2024. You are in the right spot! Let's embrace together, the journey of modernity and traditionalism on our way to a grand wedding celebration in 2024.

Gorgeous Muslim Bride Reception Look For Wedding: Muslim Bridal Look That You Will Love 

If you want to mix beauty with style on your reception day. Then you are in the correct spot searching for it. We have curated a list of breathtaking Muslim bride reception look for you. Read this blog to know more.

Saves Muhurat & Bengali Panjika Wedding Dates In 2024

Planning a Bengali marriage in 2024? Bookmark these auspicious Bengali wedding dates 2024 as per the Hindu panjika for your special day! Check Now

A Complete Guide On Muslim Wedding Traditions & Rituals By Qpid India

Dive into the beauty of Muslim wedding rituals in India with Qpid India's ultimate guide. From rituals to customs, explore the beauty of union.

13+ Trending Muslim Wedding Photography Poses Ideas In 2023

Do you want to know everything about a Muslim wedding photoshoot? Qpidindia will give you an insight into Muslim wedding photography poses in this blog.

Trending Wedding Getting Ready Photos and Why They're Album Must-Haves!

Do you want to get some idea on poses for getting ready wedding photos? Qpidindia has an amazing collection of these poses for your album. Read on to know!

Bengali Haldi Ceremony - Gaye holud candid wedding photography

Experience the vibrant tradition of Bengali Haldi ceremony with stunning photography. Explore the joy and colors of Gaye holud through captivating images.

How to Live Stream your Wedding - A Complete Guide

Learn how to live stream your wedding with our comprehensive guide. Stream your special day online and share the joy with family and friends.

Unique Ideas For Baby Photoshoot In Kolkata

Discover unique ideas for an adorable baby photoshoot in Kolkata. Capture precious moments with creative concepts and make memories that last a lifetime.

Sindoor Daan - Best Bengali candid wedding photography in Kolkata

Preserve the essence of Sindoor Daan ceremony with the finest Bengali candid wedding photography in Kolkata. Embrace timeless moments beautifully.

How We Arranged Our Wedding From Shopping To Photographers - Completely Online

Discover how we successfully arranged our entire wedding, from shopping to photographers, completely online.

Top 18 Trending Bengali Bride Reception Look Ideas In 2023

Explore our curated list of the top 18 stunning Bengali bride reception looks that captured our hearts. Get inspired for your own bridal style.

25 Amazing Locations For Pre Wedding Photoshoot In Kolkata

We have shared some of the best venues for a pre wedding photoshoot in Kolkata, where you can plan to create the happiest memoirs of love with a little help from us!

How A London Couple Virtually Planned Their Bengali Wedding

Witness the inspiring journey of a London couple as they virtually plan their Bengali wedding. Discover their approach and overcome obstacles together.

15 Stunning Gaye Holud Look Of Bengali Bride

If you are a soon to be bride, here are some of the best Bengali haldi look, the bride squad of Qpid India, put on for their special day!

10 Unique & Great Tips For Candid Wedding Photography

Discover 10 unique and great tips for capturing stunning candid moments in wedding photography.

Why should you hire a professional bengali wedding photographer

Discover Why should you hire a professional Bengali wedding photographer to capture your special day.

13+ Stylish & Trendy Haldi Poses Ideas For Bride

These bridal Haldi poses can make your wedding album a vibrant and joyful voyage of wedding memories. Scroll below to find the most stunning haldi pose.

Top 13 Stylish Mehendi Dresses For Grooms – Qpidindia

Grooms applying mehndi is an age-old tradition in Indian weddings. Here are some most stylish mehndi dresses for grooms to rock your pre-wedding ceremony.

15 Questions For Your Wedding Photographer In Kolkata

You'll most likely be selecting the best wedding photographer in Kolkata to cover your wedding in the nearish time. Yet, while you contact a wedding photographer in Kolkata, be sure to ask them these key questions!

E-Invite Video For Wedding That Will Wow Your Guests!

The e-invitation will reflect your wedding style and will also provide an indication of how the wedding festivities will appear as well as information.

Best Pre wedding Photography ideas in Kolkata [2023]

Unleash your love story with the stunning pre-wedding photography ideas in Kolkata, Create timeless memories together. Book your dream shoot today!

8 Most Beautiful And Gorgeous Bridal Matha Patti Designs [2023]

Make your big day more beautiful with these fantastic collections of bridal matha patti designs that will add a classic touch to your entire bridal look.

Everything About Marwari Wedding Rituals You Need To Know

Do you know what is the next most populous community residing in Kolkata after Bengalis? They're the Marwaris and Jains! And their weddings are very enticing along with the meaningful and special Marwari Wedding Rituals. Here is everything you must know about their unique ceremony!

All About Aiburo Bhaat Wedding Ritual In Bengali

Aiburo bhaat in Bengali wedding is a must to be celebrated ritual. Let's try to understand the reason behind celebrating this beautiful wedding ritual.

A Cultural Guide to Bihari Weddings Rituals and Traditions

Every culture has its own wedding rituals, but if you ever attend a Bihari wedding then you may know this culture has the most vibrant yet unique rituals.

Best Makeup Artist In Kolkata By Qpindia [2023]

Wondering how to get the most glamorous bridal look? Here are some of the best makeup artist kolkata who can help you to look beautiful on wedding day.

15 Creative Poses Ideas With Dupatta For Bride

Step up your style game by nailing the bridal poses with a dupatta. Read on to learn how to bring your inner diva out with dramatic dupatta poses.

Why You Should Do Pre Wedding Photography

You might be wondering lately how is a Pre Wedding Photography In Kolkata useful or logical? Here's an answer to your question.

The Ideas & Importance of Drone Couple Photography [2023]

Discover the captivating world of drone couple photography. Explore the ideas and importance of aerial shots in capturing unforgettable moments.

8 Creative Ways To Incorporate Your Engagement Photos On Your Wedding

If you’re planning to get engaged soon, check out these 12 creative ways to incorporate your engagement photos on your wedding day.

Bridal Nail Art Designs You Need To Lookout For 2023

Are you looking for the most stunning and perfect bridal nail art? We’ve rounded up some of the best and most beautiful bridal nail art designs.

10 Mesmerizing Photos of Bengali Brides by Qpidindia

In a perfect Bengali photo-shoot, the bride will always be wearing a red Benarasi saree.

31 Best Romantic Places in Kolkata for Couples [2023]

'City of Joy' can be the ultimate destination for love. Explore the 31 best romantic places in Kolkata for couples in 2023. Experience love and create lasting memories.

Picture Perfect- Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Props for Every Style

Below is a comprehensive list of essential props that you can use to enhance the attractiveness and colorfulness of your pre-wedding photoshoot.

The Best Engagement Photo Shoot Poses for Indian Couples!

Try to take typical poses from above because of the popularity of drones. Photoshoot for engagement is important because it is a great moment in life.

Best Wedding Photographer in Kolkata - Qpidindia

Qpid - The best wedding photographer in Kolkata, capturing beautiful moments and creating eternal memories for your biggest day.

Trending Indoor Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Looking for some unique and latest indoor pre wedding photoshoot ideas? Read this amazing guide to find out the best ideas for an amazing photo shoot.

Grooming Essentials: Makeup Tips Every Groom Should Know

Nowadays males also wear makeup. A wedding is a big day for both the bride and groom. So, here are some makeup tips for every groom should know.

Shedding Light on the Importance of Lighting in Photography

Choosing a lighting style, source, can improve your photography. This article will discuss the importance of light in photography, read to know more.

Top 25 Bengali Wedding Photography Poses Ideas You Need To Know

Browse through a list of Bengali Wedding Photography Poses inspos to get that pic perfect wedding album. These pictures are certain to throb your hearts!

13 Myths About Wedding Photography: What You Need to Know

Don't let misconceptions ruin your big day. Uncover 13 common myths and get the facts you need for your special day. Don't miss out!

Top 13 Trending Foot Mehndi Design Ideas In 2023

The beautiful hands and feet of a bride adorned with mehndi designs add special glory to the bridal look. Here is some gorgeous foot mehndi design that you can mark to achieve a fabulous bridal look.

Top 7 Best Bridal Kalire Design In 2023

Make a splendid wedding story with the bridal kalire to shine like a star on your big day. Explore the best kalire designs to achieve a dreamy bridal look.

18 Posing Tips For Portrait Photography- Qpidindia

Posing infront of the camera can make or break a portrait. In this guide, we will explore some of the most effective tips for taking portrait photographs

Trending Pre Wedding Shoot Dresses For Couples In 2023

What can be the most perfect pre wedding dress for couple is indeed a very popular querry among millennial brides and grooms. So we have come up with an answer to that!

Popular Bengali Wedding Rituals You Need To Know

A traditional Bengali wedding has a lot of unique rituals that set it apart from other community weddings. Most people of this generation don't know or understand the rituals and customs of a Bengali wedding but do not blame themselves. So here we bring the most popular Bengali wedding rituals list.

Explore The 9 Most Admirable Reception Look For Bengali Groom [2023]

Want to be a dashing groom at your reception? Browse the list of the latest and unique reception look for the Bengali groom for a grand celebration.

Latest Bengali Bridal Blouse Design Ideas Of 2023

Looking for a stunning bridal blouse to seal the deal? Bookmark these latest bengali bridal blouse designs to complement your gorgeous saree or lehenga.

Capturing Love In The Hills: Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In Darjeeling

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Darjeeling through a pre-wedding photoshoot in the hills. Capture your love amidst scenic landscapes.

Trending Couples Matching Outfits For Weddings - Qpidindia

Want to rock the matching outfit trend at weddings? Check out the latest couple of outfits to wear for your big day.

15 Bride Entry Ideas That Will Make You Stunning [2023]

Your bridal entry is one of the most important moments of your wedding day. Here we'll explore 15 bridal entry ideas for quirky brides

Trending Bengali Bridal Lehenga Design 2023

Choosing your Bengali Bridal Lehenga Design is almost like making a life choice. So here are some of the beautiful lehenga looks that our clients posed in for their wedding photography.

15 Most Adorable Finger Mehndi Designs For 2023

If you want to experiment with the latest finger mehndi design to rock your mehndi look in your wedding then keep scrolling and bookmark your favorite one.

12 Best Bengali Wedding Tatta List For Bride You Should Know

Excited to know what a bong bride gets in her wedding shagun? Check here Bengali wedding tatta list for bride that are gestures of good luck & faith.

13 Mesmerizing Mehndi Photoshoot Ideas That Capture The Magic

Explore 13 mesmerizing mehndi photoshoot ideas that beautifully capture the magic and intricacy of henna art. Get inspired for your special occasion!

Top Mehndi Designs for Brides in 2023 - Qpidindia

Discover the trendiest mehndi designs for brides in 2023 at Qpidindia. Get inspired and find your perfect bridal look. hence here is the list of top Mehendi Designs for Brides.

The Most Beautiful Payal Design for Bride

There are various Payal designs for bride available in the market, but the most beautiful design for a bride would be the one that complements her wedding outfit.

Top 13 Breathtaking Velvet Bridal lehenga Designs Of 2023

Have you planned your wedding in winter? Then you must check these stunning velvet bridal lehenga designs to stay warm and look gorgeous on your D-day.

The 13 Best Groom Wedding Accessories That You'll Love

Dear groom-to-be, looking for stunning groom wedding accessories? Read this blog to find inspiration for an outstanding wedding look.

13+ Gorgeous Mehendi Outfits For Brides In 2023

Looking for fabulous mehndi outfits that are easy to manage to make you look like the glam bride? We have compiled some bridal mehndi outfits for you.

The Best Wedding Card Shop In Ranchi You Should Know

Looking for wedding cards for your special event? Here is a list of some popular wedding card shop in Ranchi that designs the most creative wedding cards.

Top 12 Banarasi Saree For Bengali Bride 2023

Banarasi saree for Bengali bride has evolved in its designs from time to time. In fact, we can see a lot of old styles coming back into trend. Here are 12 of our very favourite bridal benarasi saree looks of our clients.

Traditional bengali jewellery collection for your wedding in 2023

Explore the exquisite collection of traditional Bengali jewelry for your wedding. Discover timeless pieces that will add a touch of elegance to your bridal look.

Gorgeous Mukut Designs For Bengali Bride 2023

In case you need to seek some Inspo about choosing the perfect Bengali bride mukut designs for your bridal look, this is just one of the apt places!

Bookmark These Jewellery Shops In Ranchi For Your D-day

Looking for the finest bridal jewellery for your D-day? Here is a list of the famous jewellery shops in Ranchi that offers great products at best prices!

Unique Bengali Wedding Invitation Card Ideas [2023]

In search of creative wedding invitation? Take a look at these unique bengali wedding card ideas that will leave a great impression on your guests' minds.

13 Latest Red Bridal Lehenga Designs For 2023

Looking for unique options to ace your bridal look in red lehenga? You must check out the trending red bridal lehenga designs from the below style guide.

The Complete Guide To Wedding Shopping In Ranchi

Here’s the ultimate guide to making your wedding shopping in Ranchi easy and comfortable. Read the blog to find the best places to shop for your wedding.

Bookmark These Sherwani Shop In Ranchi

From charming pastels to regal embroideries shop your wedding sherwani out of these best sherwani shop in Ranchi. Read to know more!

Trending Bengali biyer piri design for wedding

Marriage among the Bangalis is incomplete without the Bengali biyer piri and Qpid is here with just the right latest Bengali biyer piri designs for you.

Bookmark These Auspicious Bengali Marrriage Dates In 2023

Planning to host a luxurious wedding in 2023? We’ve curated all the auspicious Bengali marriage dates in 2023 for couples as per a Bengali panjika.

Bookmark These Best Restaurants In Ranchi For Couples

Looking for the most romantic proposal spot in Ranchi? Check here the best restaurants in Ranchi for couples that can help you create an epic proposal.

Save These Bridal Lehenga Shop In Ranchi

Looking to buy designer lehenga for your big day? Check this list of top 10 bridal lehenga shop in Ranchi that offers gorgeous lehenga at affordable price.

Real Brides Who Donned Amazing Belt For Their Bridal Lehenga

Every bride dreams of having a gorgeous collection of bridal accessory. Check out this list of designer belt for bridal lehenga for a stylish bridal look.

Top 10 Marriage Hall In Ranchi You Should Bookmark

Planning your grand wedding in Ranchi? Go through our detailed guide on some of the best marriage hall in Ranchi for the perfect big Indian shaadi.

Amazing Pre Wedding Location in Ranchi

Want to get jaw-dropping pre-wedding pictures? We have curated a list of the best pre wedding location in Ranchi perfect for a dreamy pre-wedding shoot.

Trending Bridal Bun Hairstyle With Flowers For Wedding

If you are looking for a trending bun hairstyle for wedding with flowers, then delve into this bridal fashion guide. Read on and get inspired.

Latest Groom Mehndi Design That You Should Try In Your Wedding

Can’t decide which groom mehndi design to wear for this wedding season? Scroll down to find the perfect one for your mehndi ceremony.

Trending Bridal Hairstyle Ideas For Engagement Ceremony

Flaunt your beautiful tresses with these trending bridal hairstyle for engagement. We promise that all eyes will be on you with these stylish hairstyles.

12+ Stunning Hairstyle Ideas For Bridesmaids

Need a stylish hairstyle to attend your best friend’s wedding? Check these trending hairstyle for bridesmaids to be the most glamorous bridesmaid ever!

15+ Dashing Groom Dress Ideas For Engagement Ceremony

Puzzled about engagement dress for groom? We have the perfect list of options for you to pick from & look dashing on the engagement day. Scroll for More.

Simple Bengali Bridal Makeup Tips To Look Gorgeous

Want to achieve a gorgeous bong bride look on your wedding day? Here is a simple and easy guide of Bengali bridal makeup tips to be the most dazzling bride.

15 Latest Indian Sangeet Hairstyles For Bride - Qpidindia

A beautiful hairstyle makes your bridal look more attractive. Check out these sangeet hairstyles for bride to look effortlessly beautiful on your D-day.

12 Latest Bridal Mangalsutra Designs - Qpidindia

Mangalsutra is an important piece of jewelry for every Indian bride. Looking for the latest bridal mangalsutra designs? Check out this amazing guide.

Top 11 Trending Bridal Hand Jewellery Ideas

Picking the right bridal jewelry is very important to achieve a drop-dead gorgeous look. Explore some signature bridal hand jewellery to rock your D-day.

13+ Gorgeous Bridal Winter Dress Ideas You Should See

This winter wedding season jazz up your bridal outfit with this top trending and fashionable bridal winter dress to look like a glamour queen.

15 Trending Bridal Hairstyles For Mehndi Ceremony

Bridal hairstyle defines the beauty of a bridal look. Check out this detailed guide on the best hairstyles for mehndi ceremony to get a diva look.

Top 15 Beautiful Bridal Floral Jewellery Designs - Qpidindia

Floral jewellery can provide you with the most dramatic look. Check the latest bridal floral jewellery ideas which will make you look like a real princess.

15 Awesome Engagement Cake Designs - Qpidindia

Plan to celebrate your engagement party with fabulous cake designs that can help you with some insta-worthy pictures to make your day more beautiful.

17 Unique Dupatta Draping Styles For Your Lehenga

Learn 17 latest lehenga dupatta draping styles to make your bridal lehenga the most stylish outfit that will add a stunning effect to your ethnic look.

13 Latest Bridal Nath Designs For Traditional Indian Wedding

Indian nose rings or nath adds an extraordinary charm to your bridal look. Here are a few nath designs that are perfect for an Indian traditional wedding.

13+ Trending Jewellery For Haldi Ceremony

Make your Haldi ceremony more beautiful by picking up the latest jewelry trend to look like a dazzling bride-to-be.

Amazing Bridal Eye Makeup Ideas You Just Can't Miss

Hey girls, did you dream of looking for the most breath-taking bride ever? So, here we are sharing a curated list of the best Bengali bridal eye makeup looks that will make you the diva of the town.

Best Sherwani Designs For Grooms In This Wedding Season

It’s time to grab the attention of your guests on your D-day by achieving an outstanding wedding look. Step into an exclusive guide of one of the latest and best sherwani designs for the groom.

12 Best Bindi Design Ideas For Bengali Bride

The Bengali bride bindi design is unique to Bong culture. Not just for beauty, the intricate designs do have a deep scientific logic behind the usage. Let us look at some Inspo!

6 Stunning Bengali Bride Hairstyle Ideas

Browse through an assortment of pictures of the beautiful Bengali Bride Hairstyle our brides posed in for their once in a lifetime look.

13 Best Bridal Lehenga Shops In Kolkata

Scour these exclusive bridal lehenga shops in Kolkata, you'll be sure to pick the nicest wedding OOTD! Just one visit is all it calls for.

Top 12 Bengali Style Bridal Mehndi Design Ideas

Getting the perfect Inspos On Bengali style Mehndi Design becomes a very puzzling task for many of the to-be brides. So browse through the tips by Qpid India, to know what's in the buzz.

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