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We are known as the best Bengali wedding photographer in Kolkata and Pre-wedding photographer in Kolkata. We know the value of happy moments in a wedding and the emotions that flow throughout the journey.

Qpidindia believes in turning the most awaited day of your life into the most memorable day of your lifetime.


We're passionate about photography & it quite obvious in the way we capture emotions.

As the best Wedding and Pre-Wedding photographer in Kolkata, we understand how emotional every event is for you and all your close ones, so we always give the best shot in our services to you to make your album shine forever.

We offer the Best creative Bengali wedding photography, Candid wedding photography, Bridal wedding photography.

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Photographer in Kolkata for Wedding

Are you looking for wedding photographers in kolkata ? Congrats, we offer the Best Bengali wedding photography, Candid wedding photography, Pre wedding photography. Qpidindia Stands for best wedding photographers in Kolkata and Pre wedding photographer in Kolkata. Why people choose Qpidindia:

Best Candid Moments

we make sure from our side that you never feel yourself of getting framed in camera in moments and this is how we manage to have excellent candid photos to shine your album more authentic than any other random photos. We believe every couple has their own unique story.

Cinematic Photography

A wedding is nothing but full of vibrant moments and colors which opens up the scope for a best Bengali wedding photographer in Kolkata to overflow your album with uncountable frames. We know how important event a wedding is and we carefully frame every each one of your special moments.

Satisfied Clients

A satisfied client is always our top-most priority and our own happiness in service. More than 200+ clients recommend and search for us for their events and we proud-fully serve them. We work hard like a shadow to make your album suitable to your wedding story.

Justified Delivery Time

We always keep our progress updated in order to amaze your expectations. And the most important thing about the wedding shoot is to get the result in hand on time. We understand the excitement in you after the events what's left is the surprises from us.

We Understand

A comfortable co-operation is the most important task to have the greatest photos. We never make you feel awkward in front of cameras. Especially when it's a lot of hectic and busy time it's so unexpected to have clients understand the basics of a good photo and poses.

Always On Time

We are very strict and disciplined with our schedule. We always reach at your venue before every event to create a friendly and understanding environment for both of us, to have a good chatter, to know your close ones so that we don't miss your key persons to get framed in your valuable moments.

Best Wedding Photographer in Kolkata ?

Whether it's Cinematic wedding photography, Candid wedding photography or Pre wedding shoots we always rocks!

We Always Follow Covid-19 Guidelines

Here are some details of how we follow covid-19 norms to bring back the positive energy. We request you to follow and adopt the new rules as well.

Wear Mask
We Wear Mask

All the members of Qpidindia who will be at your service on your wedding day wear double masks with nose covered.

We Sanitise Equipments
We Sanitise Equipments

We positively sanitize all our equipment before and after the event for safety and hygiene.

We Maintain Save Distance
We Maintain Safe Distance

Namate is better than handshakes these days and hence we maintain physical distance of 6m from one another and try to maintain the same with the guests.

We Accept Digital Payments
We Accept Digital Payments

In this world of digital media, we are not left behind so we prefer and accept digital payment methods like Google pay, phone pe, UPI and bank transactions.

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