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We are known as the best Bengali wedding photographer in Kolkata and Pre-wedding photographer in Kolkata. We know the value of happy moments in a wedding and the emotions that flow throughout the journey.

Qpidindia believes in turning the most awaited day of your life into the most memorable day of your lifetime.


We're passionate about photography & it quite obvious in the way we capture emotions.

As the best Wedding and Pre-Wedding photographer in Kolkata, we understand how emotional every event is for you and all your close ones, so we always give the best shot in our services to you to make your album shine forever.

We offer the Best creative Bengali wedding photography, Candid wedding photography, Bridal wedding photography.

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Hire The Best Photographer in Kolkata for Wedding Day

Are you looking for¬†wedding photographers in kolkata¬†? Your special day deserves nothing less than absolute perfection, and our¬†Kolkata wedding photographer¬†is ready to capture every special moment with the magic of our camera. Discover why we should trust us for¬†Bengali wedding photography ‚Äď

Best Candid Moments

We make sure from our side that you never feel yourself getting framed in camera in moments and this is how we manage to have excellent candid wedding pictures to turn your album into a mesmerizing tale of love in most authentic way. We work hard to capture the genuine feelings that make your special day uniquely yours.

Cinematic Photography

Step into the world of cinematic photography, where we bring your love story to life with a touch of cinematic magic. Being the best Bengali wedding photographer in Kolkata, we provide the best cinematic photography experience, meticulously crafting each frame to tell a captivating visual narrative.

Satisfied Clients

We always give more importance to our client’s happiness and satisfaction while providing their wedding images. More than 200+ clients recommend and search for us for their big day and we proudly serve them. We work hard like a shadow to make your wedding album a wonderful collage of beautiful memories.

Justified Delivery Time

 We always keep our progress updated to amaze your expectations. We know the value of prompt delivery when it comes to create your priceless wedding memories. We make sure you receive nicely edited images without undue delay by setting reasonable delivery times. We take pleasure in our creating priceless moments that are going to be cherished and enjoyed with your loved ones.

We Understand

A comfortable co-operation is the most important task to have the greatest photos of special occasion. We make sure to create a friendly environment to help you pose at ease in front of camera. We understand that wedding days can be busy, so we make sure our clients feel at ease while we guide them through the best photo poses for photoshoots.

Always On Time

Our wedding photographers in Kolkata always reach the wedding venue before every event to create a friendly and understanding environment. With an eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, we embrace the responsibility of preserving your memories with the utmost care so that we don't miss your key moments to get framed.

Trust Our Bengali Wedding Photographer To Seal The Love In Frames

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Join us on this journey of love, laughter, and pure delight, where our Bengali wedding photography shines so bright!

Get Premium Bengali Wedding Photography In Kolkata

Get ready to experience the very best wedding photography Bengali style right in the heart of Kolkata!

We have more than ten years of experience in the art of documenting love stories. Our team of skilled professionals understands the cultural beauty and traditions that make Bengali weddings so special, ensuring that no precious moment goes unnoticed. Over the years, Qpid India has set a benchmark in flawless candid Bengali wedding photography. Looking at the present scenario, Qpid India is considered the best photographer in Kolkata for wedding recommended by Google. So, if you truly want to enjoy a premium wedding photography experience, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Best Wedding Photographer in Kolkata ?

Whether it's Cinematic wedding photography, Candid wedding photography or Pre wedding shoots we always rocks!

We Always Follow Covid-19 Guidelines

Here are some details of how we follow covid-19 norms to bring back the positive energy. We request you to follow and adopt the new rules as well.

Wear Mask
We Wear Mask

All the members of Qpidindia who will be at your service on your wedding day wear double masks with nose covered.

We Sanitise Equipments
We Sanitise Equipments

We positively sanitize all our equipment before and after the event for safety and hygiene.

We Maintain Save Distance
We Maintain Safe Distance

Namate is better than handshakes these days and hence we maintain physical distance of 6m from one another and try to maintain the same with the guests.

We Accept Digital Payments
We Accept Digital Payments

In this world of digital media, we are not left behind so we prefer and accept digital payment methods like Google pay, phone pe, UPI and bank transactions.

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With an eye for details & heart full of care, our Bengali wedding photographer turn fleeting moments into memories rare.

End Your Search For Best Wedding Photographer In Kolkata

Your search for the best wedding photographer in Kolkata ends right here! We promise to give you an exceptional photography experience that truly captures the essence of your love story.

We have successfully documented more than 100 weddings in the past few years in different cities of India. Our impressive Bengali wedding photography portfolio has inspired many couples to create a visual fairy-tale of their big day. Moreover, our professional Bengali wedding photographer specializes in creating wedding albums that let you relive those precious moments whenever you want. We make sure to create a comfortable atmosphere for our clients so they can pose for the wedding photoshoot in the perfect manner. Book an appointment with us to turn your wedding dreams into reality.

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Photography Services Offered By Top Bengali Wedding Photographer

Our photographers in Kolkata provide photography services that capture more than just pictures; they also capture the true spirit of your special day.

Wedding Photography

Experience unmatched wedding photography services from leading Kolkata wedding photographer. We seamlessly blend into your celebrations, capturing every precious moment with an artistic touch. We promise to create amazing wedding photos that capture the romance and excitement of your special event so you may relive the happy moments for years to come.

Pre-wedding Photography

Get ready to capture the magic of your pre-wedding moments with our expert photography service in Kolkata. As the best pre wedding photographers in Kolkata, we artfully capture your love in picturesque settings, ensuring each frame tells a beautiful tale of romance. Our pre wedding photoshoot in Kolkata will help you create a cherished reminder of the love that brought you together.

Candid Wedding Photography

Experience candid wedding photography like never before with our skilled Bengali wedding photographer. We make sure to capture wedding images that look natural and mesmerizing. Each candid click result in photos that carries genuine emotions and reflects the true meaning of your larger-than-life celebration. Our candid pictures will take you back to the loving moments that made your wedding truly remarkable.


Post Wedding Photography

As your trusted Bengali wedding photographer, our Post Wedding Photography service extends the celebration beyond the main event. We know the importance of post-wedding customs, such as the emotional Bidai and the grand reception, in completing your wedding story. Our goal is to create a visual narrative that immortalizes your gorgeous wedding attire, grand venue decoration, and each element that makes a lovely wedding tale.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional Bengali wedding photography Kolkata takes you on a captivating journey into the heart of your cultural heritage. As the best photographers in Kolkata, we take great delight in capturing the richness of your Bengali culture, from grand ceremonies to treasured family customs. Our wedding photos capture the timeless beauty of your wedding celebration, giving you priceless memories that will stand the test of time.

Drone Wedding Photography

This is another wonderful way to preserve your wedding memories in a remarkable wedding tale. As the best wedding photographers in Kolkata, we use advanced drones to take breathtaking aerial photographs that highlight the beauty of your celebration from a different angle. Our drone photos capture everything from breathtaking scenery to intimate moments, adding an added element of magic to your priceless memories.

Say 'I Do' To Stunning Photos With Candid Bengali Wedding Photography

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Wedding Rituals Covered By Leading Bengali Wedding Photographer

Experience the beauty of traditional Bengali wedding rituals through the lens of our leading wedding photographer. Cherish every moment of your special day.

Pre-Wedding Rituals

Our talented Bengali wedding photographer excels at capturing the magic of Bengali pre-wedding rituals like Aashirbaad, Nandi Mukh. Gae Holud. We capture the beauty of these wedding rituals, symbolizing love and prosperity, and creating mesmerizing visuals of these joyful pre-wedding celebrations. With years of experience in Bengali pre wedding photoshoot, we have created numerous captivating pre-wedding tales.

Wedding Rituals

Bengali wedding ritual has a special meaning that represents the sacredness of marriage and the connection between families. From the vibrant red alta adorned on the bride's hands to the sacred sindoor daan, every ritual radiates with joy and meaning. Our expertise lies in beautifully documenting the main wedding rituals to make your wedding ceremony memorable.

Post-wedding Rituals

Just like any other Indian wedding, a Bengali wedding has beautiful post-wedding rituals too. Rituals like Bidai, Bou Boron, and Bou Bhaat has a special cultural significance in Bengali wedding which makes it more meaningful and exciting. Our skilled photographer captures these heartfelt moments in perfect frames to symbolize a new beginning.

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