19 Apr 2023

Every couple's wedding day is a big deal. They will always recall it as being among their happiest days. Newlyweds frequently want to capture every second of their wedding day on film so they may remember it fondly in the future. Drone couple photography is the best way to record the beauty of your wedding day from a different angle.

Drone shots add more excitement and interest to your wedding pictures from candid Bengali wedding photography, and you can use them to capture different parts of the day, from the preparations to the reception. Here's everything you need to know to use a drone to take pictures at your wedding.

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Drone Wedding Photo Ideas:

If you order this kind of work, you should do your best. Come up with ideas, and be bold and tell the wedding photography in Ranchi photographer which side is best for photos, what details you want to catch, and how you imagine large-scale photos looking. But if you haven't thought of any drone wedding photography ideas yet, here are some:

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Get A Policy For Your Drone:

To keep bad things from happening at weddings, you need to take care. If you don't know how to fly a drone correctly, you could hurt people, break things, or hurt yourself. You could lose more money than you can afford if you don't have drone insurance.

Even though it's not required by law, anyone using a drone will want to have camera insurance. It will help you keep your costs down in case something bad happens. Many professional Bengali wedding photographer specializing in drone shooting buy an annual policy to save money.

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Changing The Point Of View:

With an overhead camera view, you can make beautiful scenes that make a strong statement. Playing with perspective and objects in the picture can be a good way to get the attention of your viewers. Think about your drone wedding photos composition and the nearby props or scenery. For example, tree branches and bikes are great ways to give a photo a unique view.

Creating The Right Image:

Sand and snow add different effects to your photos by "painting" them. These little extras will add a unique story to your special moments, from making snow angels to writing "Will You Marry Me?" in the sand. No sand or snow? Get some chalk pencils and turn your driveway into a blank painting.

Stand Out With Beautiful Shapes:

Using light in interesting and new ways brings drone couple photography to life. In a picture of a couple, silhouettes can create dramatic effects and strong feelings. Drone for wedding shoots a sunset with your shadows against the sun to give an already beautiful picture a mysterious feel.

Zoom Out To Get The Bride And Groom In The Shot:

When taking pictures in a beautiful place, you can zoom out to get more of the scenery in the shot. A drone wedding shoot of bridges, hills, and boats from the air looks great. You can give your pictures a romantic feel by having the bride and groom stand in different ways. For example, you can ask them to lie in the grass, hug, kiss, or hold hands. You can write or draw something in the sand when taking pictures on the beach, like the date or some words. Ask the bride to walk up the stairs so you can take a picture of the train of her wedding dress. This will give your shots a lively feel.

Play Around With Light And Dark:

As the most important part of every picture, light has a big impact on the mood, vibe, tone, and, in the end, the composition and message of your photo. When the sun is low, shooting with a drone lets you see lights and shades in a new and different way. Take pictures of the sunrise and sunset from a high place and watch how the shadows can completely change the scene.

Save For Scenes That Are Clean, Beautiful, Or Interesting:

Only some scenes are good enough for a drone. Use drone couple photos only when the scene is clean, beautiful, or interesting. This includes gorgeous beaches, scenic mountain scenery, vast deserts, and other places. But it can also include parks, cityscapes, and other scenes that may need to be more utter-free but are still interesting and appealing.

Contrast And Separation Are Important:

In a wide-angle picture, separating your subject from the background is important. But with drone wedding photography, you can use something other than flash or a shallow depth-of-field, two popular ways photographers’ separate subjects from the background. This is why keeping your subjects far away from other items in the scene is important. Finding or making a difference between the subject and the background is important by using wardrobe color or lighting.

Ideas And Tips For Drone Wedding Photography:

Here are some ideas and tips that might help you get the most out of your drone wedding photography:

Use Angles In New Ways:

Be creative and think outside the box when you plan your shots. You don't have to take photos from the same old angles. Drones can open up a new world of options to make your photographs more interesting.

Take Pictures Of The Planning:

One of the best things about drone pre-wedding photography is that you can take pictures of the preparations. This can be a great way to see behind the scenes before the wedding.

Use It To Take Group Pictures:

Drones can take group photos from above, which is a great way to show how big your wedding party is.

Take Photos Of The Whole Place:

If you want to take pictures at your wedding spot, drones can help you get photos of the whole area. This can be a great way to show how big something is and give your pictures an interesting setting.

Record The Greeting:

Drones can be used to take amazing pictures and drone wedding videos of your wedding from above, showing all the action and fun. This is a fun way to remember your special day


Drone wedding photography is a new and exciting way to record the beauty and emotions of a wedding while searching Google "drone wedding photography near me." But it needs careful planning, preparation, and performance to ensure it is safe and legal and produces stunning results. Using these tips, you can take beautiful wedding shots with a drone that your clients will love and last.