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Pre wedding shoot locations in kolkata

So we have been planning for pre wedding photography, baby shoots, and many other things. But it's high time we share some of the best venues for a pre wedding photoshoot in Kolkata, where you can plan to create the happiest memoirs of love with a little help from us! If you are planning for a romantic pre wedding photoshoot in Kolkata then you can hire the best pre wedding photographer in kolkata.

  1. Princep Ghat
  2. Smaranika
  3. Rabindra Sarovar
  4. Botanical garden
  5. Eco Park
  6. Mallick Ghat Flower Market
  7. Bow Barracks
  8. Victoria memorial
  9. Maidan
  10. South Park Street Cemetery
  11. Jorasanko Thakur bari
  12. Bawali Rajbari
Pre wedding photoshoot

1. Princep Ghat

One of the most sought after places for going out on dates is Kolkata. The princep ghats could be one of your go-to places for a romantic pre-wedding photoshoot in Kolkata. The picturesque Corinthian pillars, the Vidyasagar Setu at the back and the beautiful boats floating on the river Ganges. This shall make the perfect set for you to click some awesome clicks.

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Princep Ghat for pre wedding location

2. Smaranika

This is a tram museum situated near the Maidan. You shall be able to relive the vibes of Old Calcutta and get to taste the classic Calcuttan Romance through Kolkata Tram Museum Smaranika. You may have heard from your grandparents, how they might have first met on a tram ride. Why not accentuate the vibe by dressing up in classic Calcuttan style Chapa saree, and  Dhuti Panjabi?

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Tramline Smaranika for pre wedding location

3. Botanical garden

The intricate hedge sculptures, magnanimous amazon lily pads, and the ancient Banyan tree denote the Kolkata Botanical Garden. The natural and green vibe of the place makes the perfect background for beautiful pre-wedding photography ideas in Kolkata. The lake in the place allows boating services and shall make your day even more exciting. Just give it a try, you won't regret it, I promise!

 Botanical garden for pre wedding location

4. Rabindra Sarovar

A beautiful artificial lake in a prime location of South Kolkata is home to an array of different migratory birds. This shall also make one of the very beautiful locations for pre wedding photoshoot in kolkata. The stone pavement that surrounds the lake, the green retreat around the place and the colonial designs of the lamp posts, seatings and rails give out a typical Kolkatan nostalgia.

 Rabindra Sarovar for pre wedding location in kolkata

5. Eco Park

If you are from Kolkata, you are well aware of this place and how it hosts the small replicas of the seven wonders of the world. Not just that, the Rabi Aranya, and the graffiti-covered walls of the place make the backdrop for some best pre wedding shoot in Kolkata. Along with a nice photography session, you also get to bond over some couple activities like kayaking, duo cycling and others.  

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Eco Park for pre wedding photoshoot in kolkata

6. Mallick Ghat Flower Market

Flowers have probably been associated with love and romance since the dawn of humanity. And if you get to click some romantic Pre-wedding shots in the biggest flower market in Asia, will there be anything better? Carnations, Sunflower, marigold filled piles scattered around the place make a very apt vibe for pre wedding photography in Kolkata.

Mullick Ghat for pre wedding location in kolkata

7. Bow Barracks

The picturesque quirky, as well as ancient-looking red-walled buildings, give out a colonial Calcuttan aesthetic. This place is situated just behind the Bowbazar police station. You may literally find some perfect spots for lovely and romantic shots for your pre wedding photoshoot in Kolkata.

Bow Barracks for pre wedding photoshoot in kolkata

8. Victoria memorial

The exhibition of colonial British architecture in the place shall leave you dazzled with its vibe. The aesthetic of the place is further enhanced by the confluence of Indian, Persian and European architecture. A very popular spot for couples can give you some ambient pictures for you to cherish forever. You may consider a Shakespearean literature theme and get your Pre-wedding photoshoot done at this place as well!

Victoria for pre wedding location in kolkata

9. Maidan

How about the endless stretch of green grass with some beautiful stray horses grazing around? I mean what can be more tranquillizing and aesthetic? Doesn't that make a beautiful pre wedding shoot locations in Kolkata?

Maidan for pre wedding location

10. South Park Street Cemetery

How about this serene and quiet place where you can slowly and happily inhale the essence of your love, while we click you some memories? Yet another haven for any pre wedding photographer in Kolkata.

South Park Street Cemetery

11. Bawali Rajbari

A beautiful heritage site that serves as a very impressive pre wedding photoshoot locations in Kolkata. Won't you love shooting in this set emancipating the richness of Bong culture? A perfect place for themed shoots.

 Bawali Rajbari for best pre wedding location in kolkata

12. Jorasanko Thakur bari

The palace of the very popular Tagore family of Bengal also exhibits a rich essence of the Rabindrik Calcutta. One of the most intellectual eras of Bengal. Any die heart Bong can relate to this place very well. So how about doing a pre wedding photoshoot in Kolkata amidst a royal Kolkatan aesthetic?

Jorasanko Thakur bari best for pre wedding location


Which is the best place for a pre-wedding shoot?

The best place for your Pre-wedding shoot is a place which you can connect with your love story the best!

Is pre-wedding shoot important?

Nope, a Pre-wedding photoshoot is absolutely not a compulsion as long as

  • You wouldn't wanna have a trial of the photography service and the makeup artist you booked for your wedding day.
  • You wouldn't wanna get over your camera shyness.
  • You wouldn't wanna have the perfect memento of your love story before marriage.
  • You wouldn't wanna star at the leads in a video curated just for you.

What do you wear to a pre-wedding shoot?

Absolutely anything you feel like! And if it's a script based pre-wedding story, you shall always have a pre-planned costume concept.

How much does it cost for a pre-wedding photoshoot?

If you are booking the same photographer as your wedding for your pre-wedding shoot, you are very likely to have this service complimentary to your wedding package. However, It might cost you around Ten thousand to about Fifty thousand INR based on your planning.