6 Sep 2023

Hey there, lovely couples! Are you ready to tie the knot in 2024? Well then, let's dive into the world of auspicious Bengali wedding dates 2024 and make sure your special day is filled with love, joy, and good fortune. Being a Bengali wedding photographer, we know how important it is for you to find affordable wedding photography services that capture every precious moment. That's why Qpid India is here to help!

In West Bengal, "Panjika," is a Bengali calendar used to check a list of auspicious dates for various occasions throughout the year. When it comes to weddings specifically, finding an ideal Bengali marriage date can be quite challenging. But don't worry! We've done the research and created a list of some auspicious vivah muhurats from the Bengali Panjika just for you.

auspicious Bengali wedding dates in 2024

What Is Auspicious Muhurat And Why It Matters In Bengali Marriage?

A skilled wedding photographer in Kolkata can provide the best moments of your dream wedding with their expertise. Similarly, an auspicious muhurat plays a vital role in determining the best day and time for a Bengali wedding.

Muhurat is extremely important since it is said to bring the couple good luck and blessings. Bengali families often consult astrologers or make use of Bengali Panjika or the Hindu calendar, to find this perfect time. So it's not just about setting a date; it's about starting your married life with a positive attitude and good vibes.

auspicious Bengali wedding dates in 2024

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Benefits Of Planning Bengali Wedding Dates 2024 In Advance

Planning your Bengali wedding in advance according to the Bengali marriage calendar might provide you with several benefits. It allows you to secure the services of a talented photographer in Kolkata for wedding without any last-minute rush.

Another significant benefit is you can consult or hire the best wedding vendors in the town to arrange a memorable wedding ceremony. It also provides you the chance to do hassle-free wedding shopping for the special day.

So, scroll down and browse the list to find the most auspicious marriage dates in 2024 –

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Bengali Marriage Dates In January 2024

Tying the knot in January allows you to start the year on a special note. It also gives you a chance to have a cozy and intimate wedding.

It's a perfect time of the year to celebrate a wedding in the Bengali culture. The cold atmosphere outside makes everything comfortable and joyful for a memorable event.

auspicious Bengali wedding dates in 2024

So, start your planning by following the best vivah muhurat listed below -

16 January 2024 (Tuesday)

17 January 2024 (Wednesday)

20 January 2024 (Saturday)

21 January 2024 (Sunday)

22 January 2024 (Monday)

27 January 2024 (Saturday)

28 January 2024 (Sunday)

30 January 2024 (Tuesday)

31 January 2024 (Wednesday)

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Bengali Marriage Dates In February 2024

February is the 2nd month of the year which brings love and romance with Valentine's Day just around the corner. It's an ideal time to celebrate your union and create beautiful memories together!

auspicious Bengali wedding dates in 2024

Listed below are some shubh time to perform a marriage in February 2024 –

4 February 2024 (Sunday)

6 February 2024 (Tuesday)

7 February 2024 (Wednesday)

8 February 2024 (Thursday)

12 February 2024 (Monday)

13 February 2024 (Tuesday)

17 February 2024 (Saturday)

24 February 2024 (Saturday)

25 February 2024 (Sunday)

26 February 2024 (Monday)

29 February 2024 (Thursday)

Bengali Marriage Dates In March 2024

As spring approaches, March offers pleasant weather that sets the stage for an enchanting outdoor ceremony. During this lovely month, embrace nature as your backdrop for planning an unforgettable wedding day.

auspicious Bengali wedding dates in 2024

You can also opt for a theme wedding using the latest wedding ideas. These are the best wedding dates for March listed in Bengali calendar 1430.

1 March 2024 (Friday)

2 March 2024 (Saturday)

3 March 2024 (Sunday)

4 March 2024 (Monday)

5 March 2024 (Tuesday)

6 March 2024 (Wednesday)

7 March 2024 (Thursday)

10 March 2024 (Sunday)

11 March 2024 (Monday)

12 March 2024 (Tuesday)

Bengali Wedding Dates 2024 – April

If you're looking for vibrant blooms and lush greenery at your wedding venue, consider tying the knot in April! As per Bengali traditions, April is considered the first month of Bengali New Year.

auspicious Bengali wedding dates in 2024

So, let the bride and groom begin the new journey in a traditional way. Here are some shubh marriage dates in April 2024 –

18 April 2024(Thursday)

19 April 2024 (Friday)

20 April 2024 (Saturday)

21 April 2024 (Sunday)

22 April 2024 (Monday)

23 April 2024 (Tuesday)

24 April 2024 (Wednesday)

25 April 2024 (Thursday)

26 April 2024 (Friday)

Bengali Wedding Dates 2024 - May And June 2024

While May and June may not be ideal months for a wedding, you may still make use of these months by planning your wedding.

Take advantage of this time to meticulously arrange your big day. It's an excellent time to meet with various wedding vendors, from photographers to florists. You can hire them before they become fully booked during peak wedding season.

Bengali Marriage Dates In July 2024

After a two-month break, July 2024 arrives with the much-awaited monsoon showers and a sprinkle of auspicious Hindu marriage dates.

auspicious Bengali wedding dates in 2024

If you've always wanted to have a romantic monsoon wedding, July is the month to turn your dream into reality. Check out the Bengali marriage dates in 2024 for July month –

9 July 2024 (Tuesday)

11 July 2024 (Thursday)

13 July 2024 (Saturday)

14 July 2024 (Sunday)

15 July 2024 (Monday)

August, September & October 2024 – No Dates For Marriage

Guess what? August, September, and October 2024 have decided to take a break from hosting weddings. But don't worry!

This is the best opportunity for you to plan your winter wedding in advance. You can start planning with buying your wedding outfit and choosing the best venue and wedding theme ideas for your dream wedding.

Bengali Marriage Dates In November 2024

November brings perfect weather filled with romance as well as a plethora of options for organizing a fairy tale wedding.

auspicious Bengali wedding dates in 2024

It is the best time to perform marriage rituals filled with joy. The weather is pleasant and you can enjoy every moment of your grand event. Here is a list of auspicious Bengali marriage dates in November 2024 –

12 November 2024(Tuesday)

13 November 2024(Wednesday)

16 November 2024(Saturday)

17 November 2024(Sunday)

18 November 2024 (Monday)

22 November 2024 (Friday)

23 November 2024 (Saturday)

25 November 2024 (Monday)

26 November 2024 (Tuesday)

28 November 2024 (Thursday)

29 November 2024 (Friday)

Bengali Marriage Dates In December 2024

December is the month of joy and celebration and is also an excellent time to tie the knot in 2024. With its enchanting charm and magical ambiance, December offers some auspicious Hindu wedding dates that are perfect for celebrating love.

auspicious Bengali wedding dates in 2024

According to the Bengali calendar, these dates are –

4 December 2024 (Wednesday)

5 December 2024 (Thursday)

9 December 2024 (Monday)

10 December 2024 (Tuesday)

11 December 2024 (Wednesday)

14 December 2024 (Saturday)

To Sum Up -

We hope this information makes it easier for you to arrange your perfect wedding! Whether you want a traditional ceremony or a modern celebration, these Bengali marriage dates 2024 provide an excellent opportunity to tie the knot with love and blessings. So mark your calendars and prepare for an incredible journey towards marital bliss!