27 May 2023

Colours, emotions, love, family, and grandeur. All of these are present in a bengali wedding. The decor, clothes, flowers, and food are either consumed, perished or go to the storage. But it is the wedding photographs that stay with you as a memory. And these memories are cherished forever. You may even show them to your children as a memoir of your ‘The day’. In this blog we are going to explain why you need a professional bengali wedding photographer in kolkata.

Why should you hire a professional photographer for your wedding?

Though the ball is completely on your court, about whether or not opting for a professional wedding photographer. However, we would love to share the 10 benefits of hiring one.

They Know what they do

The best candid wedding photographers know how to visualize a picture before clicking. They are capable of suggesting the proper bengali wedding photo pose for each set they work in.

Bengali weddingWedding CoupleBengali Bride

Quality Pictures of your ‘The day’

On the long awaited Kolkata wedding, wouldn't you want the best for yourself? The pro bengali wedding photographer in Kolkata can assure you some top notch shots of your special day, for you to keep. 

Beautiful coupleBengali BrideBeautiful bride

Your guests may be stress free

Maybe your friend has a great photography aptitude. But why bother and stress them out with the tedious task of clicking every bit of your wedding? Let them enjoy your day with you.

Bengali weddingBride lookWedding moments

Photos shall always be there

Just imagine you, sitting with your spouse and children, in your living room, after some years from now. You guys are turning the pages of your wedding album, and your little kids are thrilled to watch you in the beautiful outfits of bride and groom. What a sweet evening could it be?

Couple photosBengali bride photosBeautiful bengali bride photo

You only have one day to make it count

The wedding day won't be happening to you regularly. It is a lifetime event. Capture as many vivid memories as you can. And what could be a better option than some wonderful candid bengali wedding photography.

Sindur daanBride photosBengali bride looks

You may completely rely on them

A professional photographer will give their best to the job assigned to them. They genuinely want to do justice to their profession. So, you may completely rely on them for the best shots from your wedding.

Bengali brideBeautiful coupleBride look

They have experience

Most of the photographers have been working for years. They have a sound concept of bengali wedding photography. They know the best moments to click. And at times they know it better than you.

Bride poseSpecial momentBride look

Commitment and security

A professional bengali wedding photographer in kolkata shall approach their job with utmost punctuality and commitment. They ensure to deliver what is committed.

Beautiful coupleBengali bride lookBeautiful bengali bride

High Quality Copies

Be it for your photo album, or for the wall frame, or soft copies or your insta feed. You shall get the best quality high resolution copies of the photographs irrespective of the edits and photo treatment.

Bengali bride photoBride PoseNewly married couple

You wouldn't wanna regret

Besides, who would want to regret not outsourcing the photography to a professional? Especially when they see the perfect professional shots of other`s wedding flooding their insta feed a few years later.

Bengali brideBride poseSpecial moment

At the end of the blog, let me answer some of the budding queries that readers have.


Should I hire a wedding photographer?

Gone are the days when DIY photography wasn't a very good idea. The days when Point and shoot cameras weren't very efficient, and you would always have to count on a professional photographer to make an ok-ok wedding album. It's a very different scenario today. You can capture stunning, dslr quality photographs with just a smartphone. Thanks to technological advancements! 

Should you engage a professional bengali wedding photographer or assign your wedding photography to a friend or family member? It's completely up to you and how you have planned your budget. If you have the permission of your budget, hire a professional wedding photographer. Getting a photographer for the least amount of time they are open is also a good alternative.

How do I hire a professional wedding photographer?

Choosing the right Bengali wedding photographer in Kolkata has never ever been easier than what it is now. Thanks to Google and also other Web innovations. Moreover, wedding photography is witnessing advances that are transforming this into a full time creative profession. Whenever it comes to choosing competent photographers in Kolkata nowadays, you have a plethora of options. And this is a checklist of how to choose your wedding photographer.

  • Decide on the budget 
  • Give enough time to your search
  • Prioritize quality
  • Keep records of the smallest agreement or transactions

What do I need to know when hiring a wedding photographer?

Here is a checklist of the 10 things that you need to make sure before saying yes to your kolkata wedding photographer.

  • Ample backup equipments
  • Photos being shot in RAW format and manual Mode
  • Years in the profession
  • Well equipped for night photography
  • Can they coordinate a timeline for the photography?
  • Number of photos included in the package
  • How many team members are going to work for your event?
  • Provision of substitution
  • Photos delivered in Prints or Album
  • Cancellation policy

How much does it cost to hire a wedding photographer?

Conventionally, photographers in Kolkata can charge anywhere between 75000 to 1,75,000. As startups some photographers may even charge as less as 30000. A professional destination wedding photographer may typically charge from 5,00,000.

We at Qpid India assure to curate the best prices for your wedding photography packages.