13 Apr 2023

This wedding season pampers your nails with the best nail art designs. After spending long hours on the salon chair you are blessed with the perfect bridal manicure and pedicure. Let your bridal manicure make a style statement on your D-day. Your bridal look is not only about glam makeup or stunning lehenga. But it includes every minute detail from your toe to your head that you must take care of. Make sure to flaunt your nails in the prettiest way possible to glam up your wedding look. We, Qpid India, one of the best wedding photographers in Kolkata, have listed some of the latest bridal nail art designs for the Indian bride.

1. One Shimmery Nail Among Lively Pastels

There’s nothing beautiful like a combination of shimmery nails and light shades. This nail art combining pastel pinks and glittery silver will surely provide an elegant effect to your nails. They’ll complement your pastel color bridal lehenga nicely and makes it a dreamy combination.

shimmery nail designs

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2. Trendy And Popular Personalized Nail Art

If you want your nails to stand out, then choosing personalized nail art for your wedding day is a wise choice. Ask your nail expert, to quote your life partner’s name on your nails or you can also go with a customized portrait.

personalized nail art ideas

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3. Glossy Nail Art Design With A Metallic Touch

A metallic nail paint for bride is the most common bridal nail, that can grab your attention with its glossy appearance. The metallic nails are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Here the sparkling silver nails are perfectly complimenting the light shade of the bride’s outfit.

metallic nail art designs

4. Glittery Deep Purple Nail Art

Deep purple is a luxurious color that is an ideal choice for bold brides. For a dramatic effect, you can apply glittery nail paint on one finger and let the nail shine in a gorgeous purple nail effect. These nail art designs bright will remind of shining stars in the night sky.

glittery nail art designs

5. Red & Gold Bridal Nail Art

Red is always associated with love and commitment. Red and gold is a classic combination often seen in Indian bridal outfits. If you want to go all traditional then choose this fiery red and golden swirls nail art design to keep all the attention on your fingers.

bridal nail art ideas

6. Abstract Nail Art For Creative Minds

If you are going to wear a blue outfit at your wedding then this abstract nail paint is a worth pick. It is one of the most popular and creative wedding nails for brides. The use of contrasting colors like white can provide it an artistic effect. Check these starry night prints for some serious nail art inspirations.

unique nail art for brides

7. Stone-Studded Matte Nail Art

An evergreen color tough competitor for all the latest trends in nail art is the glamorous matte red nails adorned with silver sequins. The richness of matte nails adds an unusual effect to your bridal look. Moreover, it looks great on all nail shapes like square, oval, coffin, and stiletto.

matte red nail art design

8. Radiant Rhinestone Nail Art

If we talk about trending nail art in Indian marriages, then we will definitely not miss the Rhinestone nail art. If you don’t prefer extravagant designs and colors, then these nude nails are perfect for you. To make it more elegant, you can add a little twist to your nails by adding a silver rhinestone on it. This bedazzled beauty goes well with a silver or white lehenga.

rhinestone nail art design

9. Highlight The Floral Saga On Milky White Nails

Floral wedding nail art designs are the second favorite of modern brides. To make a style statement, the jelly nails will be an ideal choice. Floral white nail design on a jelly base is perfect for a lighter shades wedding outfit. These dreamy milky white nails look simply elegant on oval shape nails.

floral nail art ideas

10. The Prettiest Ivory Impact

Add a stunning twist to your French manicure by trying this single-finger white nail art which leaves a gorgeous ivory impact. This creative design created with a striping brush looks more special and simply beautiful. Add some sequins to your cuticles to make this nail art more stylish and adorable.

creative nail art designs

11. Heena Nail Art For Minimalist Bride

This gorgeous nail art wedding simple design is influenced by the traditional henna patterns. This eye-catchy nail mehndi design is beautifully paired with a gold tattoo. This unique nail art adds a special charm to your ethnic wear. So, why not make this henna-inspired design your bridal’s look highlight.

mehndi nail art for brides

12. The Sparkling Story

This dazzling nail design goes well with a western outfit. It adds a glamorous sparkle to your nails. A silver glitter nail paint will provide the maximum shine to your nails and will leave a lasting impression. Simply paint all your nails with silver glitter and coat it with a glossy enamel to bring a shine like stars.

sparkling nail art

13. The Stunning Trio For Unconventional Brides

How about combining the three hottest trends of this wedding season-Matte, glitter, and rhinestones. This is one of the best nail art for brides looking for an outstanding nail art design. Apply a thicker coat of matte and glitter nail paint on alternative nails and keep the third one nude and let it shine with some exquisite pieces of rhinestones to give all your nails a dazzling look.

modern nail art designs