30 Aug 2023

In a country with millions of Muslims from various places, each region's wedding traditions shine brightly. Many exciting Muslim wedding traditions make the event more beautiful and special for the couples and their families.

If you're a couple planning your special day or simply curious to learn about an Islamic wedding, you've come to the correct place. Being the best Muslim wedding photographer in Kolkata, we have created many wedding tales that show the beauty of Muslim marriage.

So, grab a cup of coffee, get comfy, and join us on a wonderful journey that will make you feel the magic of Muslim wedding rituals in a unique way. Let's get started!

muslim wedding rituals

Exploring The Pre-Wedding Traditions Of Muslim Wedding

Salatul IshtiKara - Seeking Heavenly Blessings

Arranged weddings are common in the Muslim community and are accepted as important Islamic traditions. Parents are responsible for finding suitable life partners for their children.

When a compatible match is found, a sequence of meetings with the ideal bride's and groom's family takes place.

After the official announcement of the marriage, the religious head of the Muslim community is invited to seek Allah's blessing for a happy union.

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Imam Zamin - Blessings From Groom's Mother

This pre-wedding ritual is an important part of Muslim wedding photography in Kolkata. This ritual marks the acceptance of the bride in her new family.

The groom's mother ties an auspicious silver or gold coin wrapped in a silk cloth around the bride's arm. This symbolic gesture is believed to bring prosperity and protection to the bride.

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Mangni - Engagement Ceremony

Mangni is also known as the engagement ceremony. This is a celebration of the formal announcement of the engagement with close relatives and friends.

This ceremony involves the exchange of wedding ring between the bride and groom. Two families and their close relatives shower the new couple with fruits, sweets, and gifts.

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Manjha Ceremony - Haldi Ceremony

This ritual is an important part of a Muslim wedding. A mixture of turmeric paste, sandalwood waste, and rosewater is applied to the bride's hands and feet which gives her a radiant glow.

This is similar to a haldi ceremony ritual celebrated in Indian weddings. After applying this paste, the bride goes to take a bath.

muslim wedding rituals

Mehendi Ceremony - Adorning Bride's Hands With Heena

In Muslim culture, the mehendi ceremony is celebrated as a vibrant ritual. The bride's hands and feet are adorned with intricate henna designs that represent joy, beauty, and the strength of love.

The atmosphere in the bride's family is filled with music, dance, and excitement. Nowadays, many brides are including their groom's initials in the mehendi design.

muslim wedding rituals

Sanchaq - Arrival Of Groom's Family

The groom's family presents gifts to the bride, reflecting their acceptance of her into their lives. It's a gesture of warmth and hospitality, solidifying the bond between the families.

Muslim Wedding Rituals Celebrated On Wedding Day

Baarat - Joyful Arrival Of Groom

The groom, accompanied by his family and friends, comes to the the wedding venue. They are greeted with joyous celebrations, music, and dancing. The arrival of Baarat indicates the wedding ceremony may begin soon.

Nikah Ceremony - The Main Muslim Wedding Rituals

Nikah is the formal marriage contract that binds the couple in marriage. The maulvi invited to the wedding recite marriage vows to solemnize the marriage. The Muslim nikah rituals are considered one of the most significant parts of Islamic weddings.

muslim wedding rituals

Fatiha - The Sacred Beginnings Of Holy Quran

The bride and the groom make their first public appearance as a wedded couple during Fatiha when the Quran is recited and blessings are given. The newlywed appears beautiful in the traditional wedding dresses - sherwani and gorgeous lehenga.

muslim wedding rituals

Mahr - A Lifetime Commitment

Mahr ceremony is the signing of a contract that describes the gifts given to the bride from her family. These gifts make the bride financially secure for her future.

Arsi Musaf - Unique Muslim Wedding Rituals

The couple shares their first meal together as a married couple. A mirror and the Quran are placed in front of them, allowing them to see their reflections as they embark on their wedding journey. This typical Muslim wedding ritual marks an end to the main wedding rituals.

Enchanting Post-Wedding Rituals Of Muslim Wedding

Rukhsat - An Emotional Farewell

Amidst bittersweet emotions, the bride bids farewell to her family and home, as she steps into her new life with her husband.

After leaving her parent's house, the bride is welcomed by her mother-in-law to her new home. She gifts her a holy Quran as a part of traditional Islamic rituals.

Walimah - The Grand Wedding Reception

The groom's family hosts a grand wedding party, inviting wedding guests to celebrate the beautiful union.

This festive gathering symbolizes the joyous beginning of the couple's life together. The wedding reception is celebrated as a royal festival just like western weddings.

muslim wedding rituals

Chauthi - Visiting Bride's House After Wedding

A few days after the wedding, the bride visits her family's home for the first time after marriage. The parents of the bride treat the newly wedded couple with a delicious meal and shower them with lots of gifts. It's a time of love, togetherness, and family bonding.

muslim wedding rituals

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