15 Dec 2021

Importance Of The Bengali Bride Bindi Design

Just the way the beautiful Panetar signifies Gujarati Bride, the glimmery kaleeras and chooras denote a Punjabi bride. What is that one thing that sets Bengali brides distinctive from the brides of other regions of the country? Is it just the beautiful red benarasi look that floods the portfolio of wedding photographer in Kolkata? Nope! It is the Bengali bride bindi design that is even more unique to Bong culture than the benarasi sarees. But not just for beauty, the intricate designs do have a deep scientific logic behind the usage.

Conventionally the Bong bridal forehead Chandan design is in a combination of red and white. The red colour comes from the sindoor and the whitish colour is made of a sandalwood paste, also known as Chandan Phota. Sindoor has a portion of mercury in it which is usually kept on the temple region of the forehead. This helps the bride keep her calm during the strenuous events of the wedding day. Also, the Chandan paste is supposed to relax and have a cooling effect on the forehead of the bride. This is indeed needed at least on the day.

Another interesting religious significance of the design is that the red and white designs symbolize the feminine divinity of Devi Lakshmi, Durga and Saraswati. And the designs are believed to embrace the grace of that power in the bride.

Now let us look at some of the beautiful Bengali bindi style done by some of our brides on their special day.

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1. Single Red Spot Bengali Bride Bindi Design

A simple single red dot on the temple of the forehead is enough for a bong beauty to throb hearts around her. Our bride here has done a very simple smokey eye look with a single red bindi. The chique 'tikli' is adding that to her forehead.Ā 

Gotta patti benarasi saree

2. Chique Alternate Red And White Mini Dots Bindi Design

And what can I even say about this simplistic alternate red and white dotted simple Bengali bindi design? Elegant, chique, divine and everything beautiful! The simple winged eye look with elaborate lashes if further accentuating the vibe! And not to overlook the beautiful matha-Patti she is wearing!

bridal dotted bindi art

3. Bengali Bride Bindi Design In Simple Cashew Motifs

Our beautiful bride here has gone for a quintessential bong bindi design. The simple intricate design gradually extends up to the ends of her forehead. The little Kaju-like motifs in white at the ends highlighted by a touch of red fillings are the main attraction of this design.

Cashew like Bengali bridal bindi art

4. A Simple Minimalist Chandan Designs For Bengali Bride

Brides these days often prefer having a simple rhombic design for their Bengali Bride Bindi Design. And one of our bride here has aced the look. The elaborate red bindi in the middle that spreads like a rhombus on the four sides in beautiful white kolka. And the traditional Bengali tiara is adding to the elegance.

bridal simple centre bindi art

5. Bengali Bride Bindi Design Along The Eyebrows

The beautiful and thoughtful design of the bindi on this bride perfectly compliments her broad forehead. The intricate creeper like motifs in white with red highlights is indeed accentuating her overall look. The red smokey eye and the chique tiara tikli is also not to be missed!

Leaf-like Bengali Bridal Bindi art

6. Blooming Lotus Style Bengali Bride Bindi Design

And how about this exquisite rhombic Bengali bindi design. The beautiful design in white extends around the red bindi like a blooming lotus flower. The lotus petal-like motifs that rise upwards, and the creeper like motif extending sideways is indeed picturesque.

Lotus Bengali bindi art

7. Single Red Bindi With A White Dotted Border

Our simplistic bride here has paired her royal blue benarasi look with a simple Bengali bride bindi design. The red bindi with white dots surrounding it goes perfectly with the simple swabeki Bengali look of our beautiful bride here. A single coin like maang-tikka is indeed enhancing the look.

beautiful benarasi look

8. Simple Traditional Bengali Bride Bindi Design Spread Across The Forehead

O what a beauty are those beautiful eyes that peep above the pair of betel leaves. And so is the simplistic bridal Kolka design. The big red bindi in the middle that spreads to its sidewise in a beautiful cursive S-like motif is indeed eye catching. The red highlights are adding a definition to the design.

Paan Pata peek

9. Intricate OTT Bengali Bride Bindi Design

Our beautiful bride here has done a simple over the top Bengali bride bindi design. The design in the centre resembles the sun with a red dot in the middle and white designs around. The kolka gradually runs along the browline of the face in little motifs like the Bengali alphabet 'lee'.

OTT Bengali Bindi art

10. Multicoloured Meenakari Style Bengali Bride Bindi Design

Bengali bridal kolka art has evolved with time from just red and white. Bridal bindi designs use other colours like green, yellow, and blue today. Our Bengali wedding photographer has perfectly captured the profile of the bride showing the beautiful meenakari style bindi art of the bride.

Simple Meenakari bridal bindi design

11. Leaf Designed Chandan Designs For Bengali Bride

The beautiful leaf-like or creeper like motifs along the forehead of the bride is perfectly complemented by the Kundan tiara-tikli and the bold kohl-rimmed eye look of our beautiful bride here.

Leaf life Bengali bindi design

12. The Quintessential Bollywood Bong Bride Bindi Design

Do you remember the popular bong brides of Bollywood? Be it Paro from Devdas or Binodini from Chokher Bali. Doesn't the Bengali Bride Bindi Design here resemble them a lot?

Bollywood bengali bride