15 Jun 2022

Sangeet ceremony is an exciting and fun-filled night before the wedding day. This fun-filled pre-wedding function includes musical and dance performances on stage. Let your inner dive come out on the dance floor. From your bridal lehenga to glamorous makeup and a stunning hairstyle, let your entire bridal look speak for you. Wondering how to choose a perfect bridal hairstyle for your sangeet ceremony? Well, keep reading this amazing blog based on the 15 latest sangeet hairstyles for bride to draw inspiration for your special event.

1. Retro Style Voluminous Bun

A voluminous bun with curled flicks is a perfect option for a glamorous and polished look. Choosing this retro-style bun for your sangeet ceremony makes it one of the best choices for dreamy wedding photography in Kolkata which perfectly matches the theme of your vintage-style wedding. Accessorize this beautiful bun with some fresh flower bloom to look like a 60’s Bollywood diva.

sangeet hairstyle ideas

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2. Dramatic Low Pony Tail

Looking for an easy hairstyle for your long hair? A low ponytail with wavy curls might suit you the best. Style this gorgeous hairstyle by tying a flower wreath around the tied hair. This dramatic hairstyle is the best pick for the sangeet ceremony. A creative Bengali wedding photographer with years of experience can turn your bridal pose into the most beautiful pictures.

sangeet makeup look

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3. Low Bun Decorated With Fresh Blossoms

A low bun is another sangeet hairstyle for long hair which looks plain and pretty. This simple hairstyle looks outstanding with a floral wreath or traditional gajra. This gorgeous bride has side-parted her front hair and tied them at the back into a beautiful bun. This kind of bridal hairstyle is lighter on your head and goes well with a traditional Banarasi saree.

sangeet hairstyles for long hair

4. An Elegant Tiara On Open Hair

A sparkling tiara on layered spiral curls looks amazing on a bride-to-be. This graceful hairstyle for sangeet is also a great choice for brides with medium-length hair. Cascading curls and stylish hair accessories will complement your floral gown and smokey eye makeup very well.

open hairstyles for sangeet

5. Photogenic Messy Bun

Take your hairstyle game for mehndi on another level by choosing this messy bun for your musical wedding event. Embellished with hair accessories this stunning bun has won our heart. A low messy bun adds a bit of spark to your bridal look. It looks amazingly beautiful if you have some nice burgundy streaks in your hair.

gorgeous bun for sangeet ceremony

6. Red Rose On Fish Tail Braid

Fishtail braids are all the rage these days. This gorgeous braid is among the most popular and beautiful hairstyles preferred by Indian brides. Curl your hair and create a messy voluminous braid. Adorn this beautiful braid with roses and baby breath to get an eye-catchy look.

trending bridal hairstyles

7. Elegant Open Curls

Soft curls are just perfect for a minimalist bride. Leave your hair curl open some at the front and some in the back portion. With a neat and simple hairstyle like this, you can wear any ethnic wear. If you don’t love heavy or voluminous hairstyles, then you try these sangeet hairstyles for bride that will strikingly complement your sangeet outfit.

pretty ladies sangeet hairstyles

8. Twisted French Braid

Tiny flowers in a voluminous back braid look great on a printed or embroidered bridal lehenga. if you are not a big fan of messy hairdos or braids, then you can opt for this neat and simple back braid. Don’t forget to draw out some soft curls on the sides to make it a stunning sangeet hairstyle

wedding hairstyle ideas for sangeet

9. Captivating Floral Crown On Side Parted Hair

Let this adorable bride inspire you with a princess-like look for your sangeet function. This is one of the easy hairstyles for the sangeet ceremony. A fresh floral crown over one side-parted hair looks extremely beautiful. This hairstyle offers you an opportunity to flaunt your lovely long locks. Would you like to try this trendy hairstyle?

floral hairstyles for sangeet event

10. Romantic Crown Braid

We are drooling over this mesmerizing hairstyle. This is the latest bridal hairstyle that has gained immense popularity in Indian pre-wedding ceremonies. A stunning crown made from a twisted braid over the head glam up your bridal look. The cascading soft curls at the back adorned with exotic flowers is as beauteous as a dreamy fairy-tale.

15 dreamy hairstyle for sangeet ceremony

11. Gorgeous Floral Bun

If you are one of those brides who like to adorn her hair with beautiful flowers, then this floral frame for your bun is the correct option. This floral bun covered with elegant white flowers makes your hairstyle absolutely impressive. You can pick any favorite flower as per your preferences.

stunning bridal hairstyles

12. Stylish Puffed Hair

This exceptionally beautifully puffed hairstyle goes well with a charming sangeet makeup look. To make this bridal hairstyle look grand, you can add a maang tika. This eye-catchy hairstyle goes well with a silk saree and gold jewelry. It would surely give you a classy look.

beautiful hair styles for sangeet

13. A Side Braid With Flowers

A twisted side braid adorned with tiny flowers is the prettiest you can go for a sangeet ceremony. Waves and twists can high your fashion game. This floral twist is very easy to achieve and adds beauty to your bridal look.

fabulous bridal hairstyles

14. Wavy Bun With Fresh Blooms

If you are looking for a super cool and unique hairstyle to rock your sangeet event, you need to draw inspiration from this quintessential bride. The beautiful swirls of this stylish bun add a dramatic touch. Adding some fresh flowers will make it pretty effective to shift the attention of your guests towards you.

stylish bun hairstyles for sangeet function

15. Centre Parted Twisted Hairstyle With Maangtika 

Now, this one is the most preferred open hairstyle for the sangeet ceremony. Stunning open hair parted in the center and accessorized with a Kundan or gold maang tika looks graceful and elegant. Make sure to hair spray your curls to last them long.

open hairstyles for sangeet