8 Dec 2021

Importance Of Bengali Bride Hairstyle

The wedding bells are already jingling for many of you, as the Indian shaadi season is just around the corner. And who doesn't want to slay even the smallest bit of their entire outfit? Be it the bride or the groom, everyone wants to appear in such a way that makes each eye stick to the king and queen on their special day! The colourful outfits, pompous designs, regal jewellery and at last but indeed very importantly the hairstyle.

Yes, for grooms maybe the hairstyle isn't a very elaborate one, but for brides, each twirl of her tresses matter. Be it a simple bun or a sassy open hairstyle. The way it is done is indeed an art. There are indeed a lot of options for Bong brides to choose from for their Bengali bride hairstyle.  Be it for the classy Bengali wedding photography or to look the best on their special day. Brides today do take a lot of pressure in choosing their bride hairstyle wedding.

This is exactly why we have come up with an assortment of pictures of the beautiful hairstyles our brides posed in for their once in a lifetime look. But before that do remember to get a good spa therapy and wash the hairs with a sulphate free shampoo, and take good care of them, as your ‘The day’ approaches. One of the best Bengali wedding hairstyle that is definitely bringing the ethereal vibes in the brides to experience. Even though the hairstyle of the bride remains underneath the veil most of the time, these hairstyles show themselves and look just perfect.

beautiful bengali couple

1. Elegant And Simple Back Brush Bun

This beautifully simple and sophisticated back brushed hairstyle is sure to make any bride look like a goddess. You need to back brush all of your hair behind your crown and tie it into a bun first. Then grace the bun with some beautiful flowers and ornaments. Our bride here has beautifully used some beautiful and fresh bloomed roses of two different shades of pink. The scent of the roses along with the impeccable beauty of the bride is certain to mesmerize the eyes of her husband. And the beautiful aesthetic matha Patti is certainly not to be forgotten. A perfect Bengali bridal hairstyle with flowers.  The beautiful sholaar mukut on the Bengali bride hairstyle is just like the cherry on the pie.

Dotted bindi art design

2. Middle Partition Hairstyle With Bun

Our modern simplistic bride here has done a very simple hairstyle by parting her hairs in the middle and then tying a beautiful quintessential Bengali bridal bun hairstyle. Bengali bride hairstyle with simple flowers and accouterments make the simplest of hairstyles stand out. The beautiful black and sleek straight tresses of the bride are indeed looking stunning in the simple and chique bun look. The bun is adorned with beautiful floral garlands. The hairstyle for a Bengali bride is further adorned with a cute teardrop-shaped maang tika. The beautiful face of the bride with a minimalist smokey eye look goes perfectly with the hairstyle. A simplistic elegance.

bengali bride in a gotta patti banarasi

3. Soft Beachy Curls Bengali Bride Hairstyle

Oh, what a goddess she looks in the beautiful beachy waves. The soft curls are a perfect way to do a Bengali bridal reception hairstyle with open hairs. The hair has been parted from the left on both sides. A very romantic and desi glory. The beautiful and simple meenakari jewellery set and the simple minimalist makeup is indeed the perfect enhancement to the hairstyle for a Bengali bride. This beautiful hairstyle takes very little effort but ends up giving one of the most beautiful looks to the bride. Our crew has captured the perfect moment of the beautiful couple just at the right time. 

pastel colour bridal lehenga

4. Open Bengali Bride Hairstyle For Hairstyle

If you are not a very bun or hair tie person, you may always seek some inspo from our beautiful bride here. The sleek, straight, and shiny hairs of the bride have been given a mid partition and kept open. The locks loosely fall on her shoulders and give her a chique, classy and regal look.

The simple hairstyle is made from drab to damn with the beautiful and dazzling stone maang tikka. The beautiful Kundan set and the simplistic silver smokey eye look further accentuates the aesthetic of her Bengali bride hairstyle look. An absolute delight for our wedding photographer in Kolkata to click the bridal shots of such a sassy bride! 

Beautiful lehenga bride

5. Bun Hairstyle With Braided Pouffe

How about giving a twist to the regular bun hairstyle? The braided pouffe our bride here has done a beautiful braided pouffe in her hairline along the hair partition. And then a beautiful heavy bun hairstyle. The beautiful red and golden ghomta or veil falls like a waterfall on the shoulders, giving a regal and flowy twist to the overall look. The classic Bengali Bride Hairstyle is given a twist with the twirly swirly look of the braids. The traditional bengali Sholaar mukut and the simple tiara tikli is amping the look up.

Red veil beautiful bengali bride hairstyle

6. Braided Half Updo Bengali Bride Hairstyle

The braided half updo hairstyle of the bride is a beautiful, fresh, and sassy one to be done as a Bengali Bride Hairstyle. The bride has beautifully left the half-up section in braids and the rest of her straight sleek hairs open. The beautiful floral maang tikka has a complete look with a sombre touch of elegance. This makes a perfect look for the haldi or mehndi ceremony, but this shall look as beautiful with your wedding lehenga or saree look!

Modern yellow bridal lehenga