6 Apr 2022

Flowers are the most beautiful creation of nature. The pretty flowers are considered a symbol of beauty and elegance. These beautiful and delicate creations of nature were always an important part of Indian weddings. Starting from venue decoration to bridal jewelry, flowers are used in every ritual of Indian weddings. Their presence can anything beautiful and divine. The trend of floral jewelry has been also reflected in bengali wedding photography. 

This prevalent floral jewelry fashion has a special charm and it also creates a stress-free, happy environment. Whether you want a traditional look or a conventional one, these adorable pieces of jewelry have numerous options to offer you. To make your task easier, we have compiled a list of 15 awe-inspiring bridal floral jewellery.

1. Floral Maang Tika

This cheerful bride has opted for a stunning floral mang tika which is making her bridal look a major crush. This beautiful flower jewellery for wedding adds a certain amount of glamour and charisma to the bridal look. A bright color like pink and yellow can add a magical touch which goes well with a pastel color outfit.

Bridal floral jewellery

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2. Floral Nath

Floral Nath is also known as nose ring is traditional jewelry of Indian brides. Today modern brides opt for a floral nose ring which takes their entire look to a different level. The addition of colorful beads in floral Nath provides it with an elegant and sophisticated look. This multi-color floral Nath can be a best bridal jewellery for a pre-wedding ceremony.

gorgeous floral jewellery

3. Floral Passa

We are mesmerized by her beautiful floral passa over her forehead. Floral Passa can also be teamed up with conventional attires. The stunning floral passa or matha Patti decorated with multiple beads in a strain attached with vibrant flowers is making her the most beautiful and elegant bride-to-be. This adorable floral passa will flaunt the beauty of your stylish hairstyle. 

pretty floral jewellery ideas

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4. Floral Jhumka

The floral earrings also known as jhumkas are the best bridal jewellery for your Haldi or Mehendi ceremony. Look at this graceful bride wearing white & yellow earrings which are beautifully contrasting with her bridal dupatta. This bridal look can be a perfect one for a vibrant Haldi ceremony. If you preferred to wear a big earring then floral jhumkas is an ideal option for you.

floral jewellery designs

5. Floral Haathphol

The floral Haathphol or palm jewelry is a very popular floral jewelry design for the mehndi ceremony. The fragrance of this real floral jewellery can reduce your wedding tress and provide you with a splendid look. This amazing pair of palm jewelry can make your hands look more beautiful in a candid bengali wedding photography shoot. You can hire a creative wedding photographer in Kolkata like Qpid India who can turn your wedding pictures into beautiful memories.

best floral bridal jewellery

6. Floral Kallire

Floral Kallire is an important element of bridal attire in Punjabi weddings. These floral hangings are a symbol of happiness and prosperity. This beautiful jewelry design provides you with an epic look on your special day. You can opt for flowers like roses, tuberose, marigold, and jasmine to enhance the beauty of your hands.

latest bridal floral jewellery designs

7. Floral Tiara

Every girl dreams of getting a look of a beautiful princess on her wedding day. And these floral tiaras can help you fulfill your wedding dreams. They can provide you with a flawless look that will grab your guests' attention. This bridal real flower jewelry never goes out of fashion and also adorns your gorgeous hair with its charming beauty. If you don’t want to wear mang tikas or passa then this floral tiara will be a simplistic option for you to adorn your hair with multi-color flowers.

unique floral jewellery designs

8. Floral Bangles

A bridal look will stay incomplete without wearing bangles. Floral bangles make your arm look more adorable. Smaller pieces of synthetic flowers and pearls on the bangles set to make it subtle yet appealing. A floral bangle made of baby breath flowers provides a unique and classic look to your adorable hands.

stunning floral jewellery ideas

9. Floral Choker Necklace

Don’t want to wear a traditional ornamental necklace? Here is a sophisticated piece of jewelry for you. A floral choker is one of the best haldi ceremony jewellery that provides you with an amazing look. You can choose neon, white, pastel, or vibrant shade flowers which will contrast your bridal lehenga. If you want a simplistic look then you can pair your bridal gown with a lighter shade floral necklace design with floral buds and ferns.

offbeat floral jewellery for brides

10. Floral Anklet

We are drooling over the absolute beauty of this bride’s feet who has adorned her feet with a beautiful artificial floral anklet. This wonderful piece of floral anklet leaves a great impact on your wedding photos. It provides your feet with a spectacular look at your Haldi ceremony.

trending floral jewellery

11. Floral Ring

If you don’t want to wear a haathphool on your wedding day then a floral ring might help you to get a simple and elegant look. The ring designed with artificial flowers like a rose or a big sunflower is just too gorgeous for a minimal bride. You can wear this beautiful ring with contrasting pairs of jewelry to provide it with a majestic look.

flower jewellery for wedding day

12. Floral Waist Band

A bridal waistband is also known as Kamarbandh is age-old jewelry worn by Indian brides. This beautiful jewelry is an essential part of the bride’s solah shringar. Floral Kamar bandh made of vibrant flowers looks splendid on your waist. It also enhances the beauty of your bridal lehenga or designer saree.

traditional floral jewellery designs

13. Floral Poolajada

Wearing a gorgeous Banarasi saree or Kanjivaram saree on your wedding day? Don’t miss this bridal poola jada to provide your hairstyle and exceptional look. This traditional jewelry design of fresh flowers and hair ornaments adds a touch of royalty to your bridal look. Rose or jasmine is the most opted poola jada design which goes well with a bridal silk saree.

floral jewellery for traditional wedding

14. Floral Baju Bandh

These are the most underrated but graceful bridal jewelry that can uniquely adorn your arms. The floral baju bandh provides a special aura and catches everyone’s attention. These floral armlet designs provide you with an extraordinary look on your D-day.

floral jewellery for elegant brides

15. Floral Long Necklace

If you are looking for a memorable bridal entry then this long necklace design from flowers and buds is going to provide you with a drop-dead gorgeous look. These long necklaces are the most preferred bridal jewelry for a pre-wedding ceremony. Their attractive designs can go well with all ethnic outfits.

latest floral jewellery designs

The above-mentioned bridal floral jewellery is a great option for a glamorous wedding photoshoot. You can pair your gorgeous lehenga or bridal saree to elevate your beauty in your wedding celebration. Whether it’s a bridal entry pose or a ritual wedding photoshoot, this jewelry will always provide you with a radiant, colorful, and captivating look. Bookmark your favorite one for your big day.