30 Nov 2022

In India, weddings are considered to be one of the most important and auspicious occasions in a person’s life that is celebrated with great pomp. It is a pious ceremony that unites two souls and brings them close together forever. One of the most important aspects of an Indian wedding is choosing an auspicious date. The holy texts of the Hindu religion, Vedas recommend that there are certain auspicious dates for carrying out important life events such as weddings. It is believed that the wedding date and time can have a great impact on the life of the couple. Earlier, these wedding dates were decided by calling an astrologer or priest, at home. The priest used to check the couple’s horoscopes and comes up with the best date to host the wedding event. With the advent of digital panchang, things have changed considerably. Nowadays, couples are planning their wedding by checking auspicious dates online.

All these dates are decided by the Hindu priests who check the bangle panjika to share the best date and time. If you are in the process of planning your Bengali wedding in 2023, then read this wedding guide for the best suggestions.

Being one of the most reputed Bengali wedding photographer, we have shared the auspicious Bengali marriage dates in 2023.

So, go through this Bengali wedding date list to plan your wedding as per your preferences.















1. Bengali Wedding Dates On January 2023

The beginning of the year comes with new hopes and dreams for a better future. January is the first month of the year that is perfect to plan a winter wedding. If you are one of those brides who love to wear luxurious Bengali marriage dress then January is the best time for you to tie the knot. Scroll down to check the auspicious dates in January.

Auspicious Dates In January –

8th January

17th January

27th January

28th January

29th January

Auspicious Wedding Dates In January

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2. Bengali Wedding Dates On February 2023

February is considered the most romantic season of the year. The month of love can help you take your new relationship to the next level. There is a handful of Bengali marriage dates in this auspicious month to host the special event. Check below the most auspicious marriage dates in February.

Auspicious Dates In February –

6th February

12th February

18th February

22nd February

26th February

Auspicious Wedding Dates In February

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3. Bengali Wedding Dates On March 2023

The month of March marks the arrival of a pleasant spring in India. You can bring all your bridal wedding photography Bengali style dreams to come true in March 2023. The pleasant weather will let you click the most amazing wedding moments. Below is an auspicious date for you to get hitched in March.

Auspicious Dates In March –

9th March

Auspicious Wedding Dates In March

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4. Bengali Wedding Dates On April 2023

As per Bengali wedding culture, the first two weeks of April are not considered auspicious for a wedding. However, you can plan your wedding date from 15th April onwards. You can spend ample time purchasing Bengali wedding jewellery and Bengali wedding dresses in the starting weeks.

Auspicious Dates In April –

7th April

8th April

9th April

21st April

22nd April

28th April

Auspicious Wedding Dates In April

5. Bengali Wedding Dates On May 2023

May 2023 already has a lot of auspicious dates for Bengali wedding planning. You can have a grand Bengali wedding reception by using trending Bengali wedding decoration ideas. You can opt for this month if you are planning a destination wedding in picturesque hills or stunning beaches.

Auspicious Dates In May –

2nd May

3rd May

16th May

25th May

26th May

31st May

Auspicious Wedding Dates In May

6. Bengali Wedding Dates On June 2023

June is the hottest month in India with a decent number of wedding dates. That’s why some couples also opt for this month's best Bengali pre wedding photography. But again planning a wedding in June 2023 will let you experiment with pastel shades and sleeveless pre-wedding outfits.

Auspicious Dates In June –

7th June

9th June

14th June

21st June

Auspicious Wedding Dates In June

7. Bengali Wedding Dates On July 2023

July 2023 has plenty of Bengali marriage date to plan a monsoon wedding. You can consult a Bengali wedding planner to plan your dream wedding smoothly. The weather becomes cooler and pleasant enough to click the most romantic couple shots during the wedding. Make sure to save these Bengali wedding dates 2023 in July to celebrate a memorable wedding affair.

Auspicious Dates In July –

3rd July

5th July

8th July

10th July

19th July

23rd July

24th July

25th July

Auspicious Wedding Dates In  July

8. Bengali Wedding Dates On August 2023

Another wonderful month to celebrate an intimate monsoon wedding in Kolkata! You can plan your wedding on friendship day or on independence weekend to make it memorable for a lifetime. Opt for a unique bengali marriage invitation to show a sneak-peak of your fairy tale wedding to your guests. Check out the best dates given below.

Auspicious Dates In August –

1st August

3rd August

4th August

6th August

13th August

14th August

15th August

16th August

Auspicious Wedding Dates In August

9. Bengali Wedding Dates On September 2023

September 2023 has a few dates to plan a wedding. It is considered the best time to book a wedding venue or buy a Bengali wedding dress. The low rush for weddings in this month can help you plan a big fat destination wedding at a picturesque wedding venue in Kolkata.

Auspicious Dates In September –

18th September

19th September

Auspicious Wedding Dates In September

10. Bengali Wedding Dates On October 2023

The festive month of October has no auspicious dates to plan a wedding. However, we have shared below a handful of wedding dates to host a grand event in the city of joy.

The pleasant weather this month will also let you show your designer dress in Bengali marriage photography.

Auspicious Dates In October –

17th October

21st October

22nd October

23rd October

24th October

Auspicious Wedding Dates In  October

11. Bengali Wedding Dates On November 2023

Right after the festive season, the real excitement of weddings begins in November. It is the best time to host a Bengali wedding with so many options for wedding dates. You can even plan your wedding on the auspicious day of Diwali which falls on 12th November.

Auspicious Dates In November –

11th November

12th November

13th November

14th November

15th November

Auspicious Wedding Dates In November

12. Bengali Wedding Dates On December 2023

December is one f the best month to plan a winter wedding. With snacks like crispy veg fritters and delicious desserts, you can make your wedding guests happy. Beginning the new chapter of your life on the Christmas weekend can make your wedding even more special.

Auspicious Dates In December –

6th December

7th December

9th December

15th December

25th December

31st December

Auspicious Wedding Dates In December