30 Mar 2023

Why you should hire the best wedding photographer in Kolkata?

A wedding is the one-time grand event of your life that does not happen every day and hence, the event day needs to be very perfect from venue to the attires to the photography. Wedding photography is the art of capturing these one-time events. So, it is very much important to get the best wedding photographer for your wedding because it is the photographers who immortalize the wedding day.

There are many beautiful moments that occur at your wedding and only the photographers can freeze those candid moments without being overwhelmed with the presence of so many guests around. Therefore, it is all the way more important to hire the best wedding photographer in Kolkata, who will document every vital and minor detail of the event day without missing any.

Being the best wedding photographer is not that easy. Qpidindia- the event photography team has worked a day in and out to reach where it is today. Qpidindia believes in turning the most awaited day of your life into the most memorable day. As the best wedding photographers in Kolkata, we understand how important every event is for you, your family, friends, and relatives.

So, we always give our best shots in our services to you to make your album shine forever. We treat each and every client as our own and celebrate their biggest day with much grandeur and responsibility at the same time. We specialize in Bengali weddings because most of our shoots are Kolkata-based. We have our own style of photography where we work like shadows to capture all wedding rituals and events with ease and comfort.

Here are some points to let you think that why should you hire the best wedding photographer in Kolkata:

  • Capturing the stunning pictures of your beautiful moments in a candid way may not be easy as it appears. You may miss the small but vital details because you might be going through a mixed feeling of excitement, anxiety, and nervousness. So in this kind of situation, the only person to save is the candid wedding photographer who will capture the moment with ease.
  • The best wedding photographer takes care of the other details such as gloomy weather, poor lighting, and or bright sunlight and accordingly clicks the picture. If a non-professional is clicking the pictures, he might not be able to clock the pictures with ease and perfection as he might not be aware of how to handle such situations, whereas the best professional wedding photographers will be able to understand the desired effects, position and lighting in order to capture the moment of your day. They will also tend to enhance the emotions that will make your wedding photo look more appealing and true.
  • Clicking the perfect pictures should not only be the only criteria that you look for in your wedding photographer. You should definitely be looking for the best wedding photographer who will not only click great pictures at your wedding but will also make you and your guests comfortable in front of the lens. There are people at the wedding who are camera shy or not so comfortable in front of the camera. The professionals have the ability to make the guests feel at ease while taking the pictures.
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How Qpidindia works

Qpid has its own style and texture of photography that generally has an artistic touch to it. But there is a lot behind the product that you see. There is hard work, dedication, management, and procedure that Qpidindia follows to bring out the best on your wedding day. Also, it is not just about the wedding day. The entire thing undergoes a certain procedure, from the inquiry to the wedding day to the post-production. Let us brief you on how Qpidindia works.

After an inquiry is made or a quote is requested, Qpidindia interacts with the client to fix a meeting on the consent of the client. A very detailed discussion is a must from our side since we need to know our clients better. However, to get to know our clients better, we have a very unique style. We create a Whatsapp group with our client and team members and discuss the event.

We get them to share their story with us for us to know them. It is also important for us because we can only make our clients feel at ease if they open up with us and we share some common grounds of interest. We are keen to know their taste and share ours with them. We are consistent with our follow-ups with the client so that they can also help us plan for their big day. It is imperative for us to understand their needs and plan for their wedding day.

When the wedding day arrives, we make sure that our team is at the venue on time or rather before. Apart from taking photos, they even engage themselves in little activities if needed at the client's place. They don't step out if they are asked for any help other than photography or cinematography. Our professional photographers and cinematographers never miss any moment in the wedding. The photographers go through a lot of hassles on the wedding day, from tackling heavy equipment along with the entire team, to managing the shots in between the gathering of the guests and relatives and even having late dinner or lunch.

We all know that Quality requires time and dedication. Our post-production team works equally hard for you to lay your eyes on those unbelievable candid moments. Within a required span of time, the team comes up with the best quality edited photos and videos for the client.

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Popular Bengali wedding rituals covered by wedding photographers in Kolkata

Indian weddings are popular for their customs and traditions, and Bengali weddings are no different. In fact, typical Bengali wedding rituals are quite detailed and are of great significance. A Bengali wedding is not a one or two-day affair but can go on for more than a week as well. More often than not, friends and family members are seen frequently visiting the house of the bride or the groom for the entire week before the wedding day. The visits are not only for the purpose of getting together, having good chats and laughter, enjoying lip-smacking food but are actually aimed at performing several rituals. The rituals that are performed in a Bengali wedding may or may not involve the bride or the groom. Many rituals require the involvement of friends and family members as well. These rituals can be performed before, during, and even after the wedding day, which requires the involvement of many.

The Bengali wedding rituals can be categorized into three forms such as pre-wedding rituals that happen before the wedding, the wedding, and post-wedding rituals that happen after the wedding.

  • Haldi Ceremony
    Looking fresh and glowing is a must for both the groom and bride on their big day. People these days often go to a parlor or spa to get a readymade glow but in Bengali weddings, they do it in a natural way with this ritual of ‘Gaye Holud’. Undoubtedly, Bengalis know how to use the wonder spice- ‘Turmeric’, known as Holud in Bengali, and hence this ritual. The turmeric paste is first touched by the groom and then sent to the bride’s place to be applied to her. It is more than just a ritual where everyone shares laughter and love by applying the ‘holud’ on each other. The photographers of course get a lot of scopes for clicking beautiful and candid moments of the bride, groom, and their families along with friends and relatives. Solo shots of the bride of the groom are also taken during this ceremony.
  • Jol showa
    After the ‘Gaye holud’ ritual, family members and relatives take the bride and groom to the nearest pond or preferably to the Ganga river (if it is nearby) to get them a bath. The groom’s or bride’s mother carries a ‘kalsi’ (brass or copper pot) to bring back water home. This ritual is done to summon the goddess Ganga to bless the groom and bride. Even in this ritual, the photographers click stunning shots with the added element of water.
  • Subho Drishti: 
    Apparently, the bride and groom are not allowed to see each other until the ‘subho drishti’ on the marriage day. This is supposed to be the first sight of each other on that very day. The bride removes the beetle leaves from her face and eye contact is established. Even being surrounded by tons of guests, the wedding photographers take wonderful pictures of the couple, especially the bride when she covers her face with the beetle leaves.
  • Mala Bodol: 
    In this ritual, the bride and the groom exchange their garlands three times. During this ritual, the photographers get to click amazing pictures of the couple and freezer their lifetime moments.
  • Sindoor daan: 
    This is the final Bengali wedding ritual, where the groom puts ‘sindoor’ (vermillion) on the bride’s forehead without looking at her, and then the bride’s head is covered with a new saree called the ‘lojja boshtro’. This is the ultimate moment for the wedding photographers to immortalize it forever.
  • Bidai: 
    On this day, all the elders of the family gather to shower their blessings on the couple and after that, there happens the final ritual at the bride’s place where the bride leaves her father’s home with the groom to start a new journey of her life.
  • Bou Boron: 
    This is the welcoming ritual for the bride in the groom’s house. In this Bengali wedding ritual, the bride is made to stand on a plate full of milk and dye (red), and then she is made to walk on a white piece of cloth with her stained feet. Apparently, the bride is the ‘Laxmi’ of the house and hence it is the ritual of welcoming her.
  • Bhat Kapor: 
    ‘Bhat’ means the food here and ‘kapor’ means ‘cloth’. So in this ritual, the groom takes responsibility for the bride’s food and clothes for the rest of her life, in front of the groom’s family.
  • Bou Bhat: 
    The other name of this ritual is the reception. Nowadays, it is all changed and the ‘boubhat’ is celebrated with family, relatives, and friends to introduce the new bride to everyone. Previously, the bride used to cook special dishes for the entire family.
Haldi ceremony photo of QpidindiaHaldi ceremony photo of QpidindiaWedding photo of QpidindiaWedding photo of Qpidindia

Wedding photography packages in Kolkata

Our New Series enhances our artistic approach with a creative mindset. Raga depicts the colorful and different tones at a wedding with a hint of classical elements. Hence the series is all about the aristocratic exposure of our lenses that brings out the best on your big day. It is all about grandeur and pomp captured in an expressive taste. It is all about freezing those magnificent moments of joy and every other emotion and is the creativity to portray every emotion possible through the shots.

Harsha Series is all about the delight of our lenses that brings out the best on your wedding day. It is always the happiness that matters inside out and we always want you to be the happiest. Bhava Series is all about feeling the presence and creating memories for a lifetime. With every click from our lens, we believe in making you happy.

Bengali Wedding photography is important because it will capture your day, it will capture your memories, it will tell a story, and not just any story, it will tell a beautiful story of your special day, a day you will never forget. A story that you can show friends and family, your kids, and grandchildren, something you will have and can treasure forever.

The more photos clicked, the merrier life will be!