20 Jun 2023

In Bengali more over hinduism Sindoor Daan is a symbol of matrimony. Sindoor or Vermillion is first put on a woman by her husband on the day of her wedding, and becomes a daily ritual thereafter.

History of Hindu ritual Sindoor Daan on a Wedding ceremony - Lalitha Sahasranamam for marriage

According to Hindu mythology indicates It has been said that Parvati wanted to marry Lord Shiva and therefore she performed tapas. Finally, Shiva appears, he accepts her offer of marrying Parvati. He puts a condition of marrying Parvati, the condition is for Parvati to sacrifice her third eye, which is on her forehead. Parvati accepts his offer. On the day of marriage, Shiva removes the third eye, it starts bleeding. Thus, the area becomes the place, where women apply sindoor. Putting sindoor is a strong belief to that Goddess Parvati not only preserves the husband of a married woman but also saves from evils. Sindoor also finds a mention in the Puranas, Lalitha Sahasranamam and Soundarya Lahharis. Sindoor Dan plays the most vital role in a wedding in India. The most vital role of wedding photography is how your shindoor dan picture came because these photographs will be the best memories for a lifetime for the couple and friends and family.

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How important sindoor dan will be at a wedding in India

Even today, for a married Hindu woman, the sindoor signifies her desire for her husband’s long life and prosperity and is also considered a sign of her never-dying love and devotion towards her better half. A wedding is always full of emotions. And wedding photography bengali stands to capture that emotion properly and make those emotions in memory for a lifetime. You can also check the Haldi Ceremony ritual.

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Indian astrology says regarding sindoor daan

According to Indian astrology, Mesha Rashi (Aries) is on the forehead of a human body. The Lord of Aries or its ruling planet is Mars. This planet is red in color which is believed to be auspicious. Sindoor being red in color and also applied on the forehead. Which attracts cosmic energy brings good fortune. Wedding is for now and forever to remember.

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Lal / Red sindoor represents Bengali wedding culture

Besides this, it is believed that putting the red vermilion powder also activates the chakras in the forehead and on the crown. Mangalsutra, Sindoor, and Bangles differentiate a woman as she enters from a girl to a woman of someone's eternal love. In Bengali culture, a married woman follows and also believes in the rules of our ancient culture. In a Bengali wedding, sindoor is marked as auspicious. We being a photographer in kolkata for wedding always love to capture this sindoor dan ritual for every wedding. Though these rituals mostly performed in the same way, the photos came out different because the emotion of every wedding not the same.

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