Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Professional photographer Qpidindia answers frequently asked questions posed by photography clients, couples, students, and other photographers. Also helps you to understand how Qpidindia works.

We usually cover all the main rituals and events in details. We reach at your venue at the day of wedding onwards 7-8am to start our work for the whole day. On the day of reception we find important events to capture mainly and we get our project done by almost 11-11.30 of night. We provide every possible detail in these amount of durations and gift you your memorable album without any regret or worry.

We have never faced such situation ever in past years of our business history. Though even if any major breakdown or emergency like this ever occur we assure you that you'll have your wedding shoot continued still the same way, with our always readymade backup plan and replacement team member with equal expert qualities. You're trusting us for your special day and it's our satisfaction in keeping it that honored way.

Yes, we do provide videography with exclusive quality of content. We believe not just freezed stills are enough to describe a tale metaphorically, a motion in flow of emotion is needed indeed. We have our own expert team member for videography section who are extremely professional. We provide you cinematic video with suitable tremendous audible quality of background musics or as per our client's choice if they want to include any of their special; with promising video quality of FHD+ and 4k in detail.

Yes, surely. That's not a matter of fact where you are hosting your ceremony. In fact due to recent pandemic regulations, intimate wedding is the only trending option to go for Kolkata based weddings with compact number of guests. We will also have lesser crew to involve into your venue and that will be an advantage for you too to have your dream day framed in a pocket friendly budget with us, depending upon your requirements.

Apart from the booking other things that are expected from clients' end are like transport and travel cost of our members, their accommodation and food after or during the shoot. In addition as well as the delivery charges of the products are carried out by clients. There are no extra hidden charges out of the contract agreement.

Process of delivery of an album for Kolkata based weddings depends on the budget and response from our clients. After the shoot is over we provide the unprocessed '.jpeg' files to our clients depending on their budget or we serve the edited pictures to them to select which ones of them they would like to fill their album with and after the response we start our work. In general it takes two months to process the editing and producing the album considering the delay in response due to clients' post wedding schedules . If you are in hurry with the delivery you will have to consult that before with us and priority list can re-shaped considering their budgets too.

Special thing about pre-wedding is you can spend your day together without any wedding ritual to follow as it is not the part of main wedding events, in short you can freely just go as you like and be yourself.
We, Qpid Event Photography, the Best wedding photographer in Kolkata are open up for amazing pre weddings and for location we always go first for our client's own suggestion where they have had their special memories together. Because it's their wedding, and their own story is the key which is gonna lit up their album to be different than others. We don't recommend common used trending poses or fashions which might look artificial in front of lenses. Our experts will also be with you to help you to choose your colors and styles that might suit you with the backdrop of location and its lights. Even if you are out of ideas with any good location we go for your known places where you can feel comfortable, because when you are familiar with a location you can make better images as you know how to use everything to your advantage to make your own album smitten all over with 'your story'.

On a narrow budget we can also serve you but with compressed services with a tight crew. Wedding is something of a very large budget we understand so we have various flexible packages for difference budget scenarios. So, if you are out of a good expense for us and want to have a wedding photographer in Kolkata to shoot your big fat special day we will definitely be there for your service of a dream album with your numerous guests but only downfall will be that we won't be able to cover everything and that's why you'll need to enlist your priorities for your shoots to discuss with us and we will let you know how much is considerable to impress your needs. A minimization in the duration of an event can expose the quality and quantity of frames. But, if you are in short with expenses you'll have to contact and talk to us with clarity which might help to consider offers for you, as communication is the prime key for negotiation.

We have our expert team members with us to shoot any Kolkata based big wedding event along with well experienced planners who will guide you with well choreographed poses, drone operators to get stunning shots. The team work as an invisible shadow behind with various different kinds of cameras and lenses and every situational needed genuine instruments, skilled team for candid shots including excellent bridal portraits. We always are ready with backup equipments and contacts with every members and even plan B if any breakdown or emergency occurs during the shoot so that nothing from us ever cause any inconvenience to your special day.
We are always strategic with our team and their positions during an event for the best shoot, that's why we don't recommend any shortage of crew for a big scale ceremony. However, for intimate wedding lesser member is good to avoid any obstruction in views and places so guests feel free to roam and client feels easier with lesser people to co-ordinate with. And we also consider your expense with our reduction of crew too.

Many brides' dream is to get them captured behind the scenes of main wedding, the process of her transformation into a stunning bride. And we definitely do that but considering a consultancy with the people who work hard to process their valuable hardwork. As a professional we also understand other's profession and we are very careful to avoid any inconvenience or awkward situation during our work.

Having an idea about a budget estimation before stalking into more is important. We generally provide our best at 80k per day including your photo, video, with album and your wedding film. But there are also different flexible budget plans altering the services, and for that you need to talk to us. Destination weddings can also differ in prices with your requirements. It all takes a clear conversation and discussion to understand the terms and conditions regarding our expenses and budget systems.

Yes, you can. It's your wedding so the the key of the specialty lies within your choices which can only turn the album telling 'your story'. We positively recommend you to let us know if there is any special background music of your taste to put behind your tale. Nothing to worry even if you don't come up with, we will surely do the best we can to exceed your expectations anyway.

We don't usually shoot the whole album to make a copycat duplicate of those pictures. But it's your wedding at the end of the conversation so we are very much willing to entertain your recommendation and desires for your special day. You can talk to us about that before so we get to ready our team to fulfil your dream desires. Also here is a fact that every couple is differently beautiful with their own unique story, so, being yourself to make your album the most unique ever is highly recommended from us rather than trending social-savvy shots you see of others on the internet.

We are all over the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp where you can find and reach us. Find us in Google or you can pay visit to our website where you can find our provided contact details and phone numbers where you can book us. You'll have to attend a client meeting organized by us to have some clarity regarding booking requirements. After the agreements are done, generally you can ensure your booking by paying the 10% of total decided amount to us in advance, and simply your booking will be confirmed by then.

We always use prime equipment for our shoot and various cameras for different events. We carry every genuine instruments required for Kolkata based Bengali weddings including full frame, crop frame, premium lenses and drones too. We always tend to upgrade our gear with latest technologies to brighten up the quality always top notch to be called as the best wedding photographer in Kolkata.

We've been capturing great stories for 5 years. We have done more than 250+ successful shoots for Kolkata based and various other weddings at afar outstations too. We are proudly moving forward in our journey to be the best wedding photographer in Kolkata and admire every each one of our work by the influencing and magical stories we get to live with our clients.

As we have mentioned earlier that a clear and brief communication is important with us. To ensure your booking with us you have to pay an amount in advance. That amount depends on how much of our services you want to have in your special day, and generally you have to pay only 10% of that total package in advance for booking a reservation with us.

Social media platform is like the stage for our performance. We are glad to serve our client and thankful to their co-operation that we are pursuing this great journey of successful years. We maintain the quality in our works and improve day by day in such a way that we get attention from all over with the help of the pictures we proudly shoot at all Kolkata based events we are gladly getting allowed to be a part of. And if you don't wish to share your album on social media you could reach us to talk about it so we can maintain a courteous way out from your confidential concerns.

We, Qpid Event Photography, are up and good for both traditional and Candid wedding photography in Kolkata and videography as well. We have our different expert team members involved in various criteria with genuine equipment for different categories of shoots. It depends on clients' needs. It all needs a brief clarity in communication with us to provide the details of your priorities and requirements in your special day. In the end our satisfaction lies with the quality we serve you.

We are a team of photographers and videographers. Currently our organization is standing at Hooghly, and we are pursuing our journey for 4 successful years, mainly in Kolkata based weddings. We have and also do travel in service of weddings mostly all across in India and have done our shoot outside of country too like in Dubai very successfully. In future also if we find any reservation for afar destination wedding we would love to happily and proudly look forward to serve you.

Definitely, we do travel outside of India. It's nothing much of a concern, we are always flexible to your venues and happy to serve you no matter where you want us as long as you are willing to take care of our team's travel cost, accommodation and food arrangements there.

You can stalk our work through the albums made by us on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. You can also visit our website to see our portfolios and other blogs which includes the technique and pattern of our work, other than these if you still have any other query, do reach us on WhatsApp or give us a call on provided contact number.

A trailer is like a wrap for a surprisingly awaited gift. And yes we do provide a teaser of 4-5 minutes of the main big wedding video. And we also provide you a cinematic wedding video along with it worth the duration at most of 30-35mins with excellent choice of background music and 4k quality of visual detail.

We know that not everyone feels open up to lenses and we don't even force anyone to do so too. We know our work very well, in case of that we would love to talk to that person and know about his choices. Else part, the primary thing is we work like an invisible shadow behind your wedding so you won't even recognize yourself to be in front of camera at all, thus we manage to get the excellent shots from you candids to get you framed without any effort.

Yes, we can, and we are willing to put everything for you but all at the cost of a good and clear communication before booking. Do your homework by setting up your requirements and priorities and then talk about everything in detail with us. Because it might not be possible to alter any changes after the booking is confirmed.

We prefer to shoot a wedding in a story-telling manner. We believe that wedding is a reflection of a bond which kickstarted with a fairy tale love story. So, we take pictures as the scraps of the whole novel and connect the dots in the album to narrate the events. In short each of our captures will remind you of an individual tale in a manner so that, in long future when you open it with your families and friends you get to feel the same rejoice and cherish of moments of laughter, funs and emotions inside of you.

After you've done your advance payments your plans get fixed in our enlisted schedule list. If there is any tiny changes in events or its styles you have to let us know that. However, we don't usually afford big changes, like change of committed date can happen due to unavailability of venue that day. It only can be possible if there is any vacancy on your replaced date otherwise we won't be able to help you any further and according to agreements, the advanced payment of booking is also non-refundable.

On wedding seasons we get a very busy schedule of bookings and sometimes due to overflow of hirings we can't help but to deny some reservations after the schedule is totally filled up. But if you are going for off seasonal wedding and depending on our availability as a best wedding photographer in Kolkata we look forward to avail some discounts, but for that do contact and let us know your requirements.

We do recommend both pre-wedding and wedding dress-up design suggestions. We are through many shoots all over for years and gaining experiences with every events, so we can suggest you how you can look better and can be a good focus in front of lenses against the backdrop. But it's not mandatory that you'll have to go only for that, it's your wedding and obviously your choice; we will shine you anyway and that's what we do in our shoots so just be yourself and feel free to ask for help.

We know that not everyone feels open up to lenses and we don't even force anyone to do so too. We know our work very well, in case of that we would love to talk to that person and know about his choices. Else part, the primary thing is we work like an invisible shadow behind your wedding so you won't even recognize yourself to be in front of camera at all, thus we manage to get the excellent shots from you candids to get you framed without any effort.

It's not much of a problem for us if you are having many VIPs in your wedding. We have done many shoot before and we have experiences to work between various kinds of persons but all you have to do is to inform us. Like if you are planning for ID cards to carry us, or any uniform for the venue or anything key rule to follow just let us know from before and leave the rest of the headaches to us, sit tight back with your honored guests and relax with the assurance of no inconvenience from our end.

We are the one who admires your wedding as one of our own. We go for an extra mile always to see you happy with our work. We blend into your story and your families so closely that we feel your ceremony from our heart, that's why we are able to take the best out of your fairy tale. We are serving gladly and proudly successful years without any downfall, great quality all the time and with the help recommendations from our ex-clients all the time that keep us always up.

Let's make something great together.

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