29 Apr 2023

Do you ever attend at least any single Bihari wedding once in your life? If you still need to, then we would like to share that there are several Bihari wedding rituals that you would like to enjoy. Bihari weddings are a vibrant and colorful phase for bride and groom families, especially wedding photography in Ranchi adds stars to the festive event. Be it traditional cultures or modern-day ceremonies, Biharis perform all the rituals with the highest zeal. In other words, such rituals often testify to the Indian culture and the importance of living in a beautiful family. You may know this, but like any other religious wedding in India, a Bihari wedding also has different phases, such as pre wedding rituals, wedding day, and post-wedding ceremonies. The best part is that every family member participates in all these ceremonies enthusiastically to cherish the happy moments. Such moments became last forever with the best wedding photographers in Ranchi.

Bihari Weddings Rituals and Traditions

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Pre Wedding-Rituals and Ceremonies of Bihari Wedding

1. Satya Narayan Katha

No Bihari wedding ritual starts without Satya Narayan Katha. Satya Narayan Katha is considered a good omen to begin the process of wedding day rituals. Mainly, this Katha is held by the bride's family. All friends, family, neighbors, and relatives, including the groom's family. The exciting part is that Haven Kund gets lit until the wedding day.

2. Chekha

Chekha is always held at the bride's place, wherein the groom's family visits the bride's home to exchange the rings. They carry shagun like dry fruits, sweets, clothes, and jewellery. On the next day, the bride and her family visit the groom's home to exchange the rings and to offer shagun. Hiring wedding photography services would be a great advantage to boost the event's zeal.

3. Haldi Kutai

The Haldi ceremony begins after the engagement. Groom's family married women send turmeric paste to the bride's family, which they apply to her body. Throughout this pre wedding ceremony, they sing the traditional folk music of Bihar.

4. Tilak

With the thaal in hand, the bride's brother visits the groom's home. This is the sweetest gesture and one of the best Bihari wedding rituals wherein they show the acceptance of a new family member. Complete tilak ritual holds properly along with shagun offerings. Moreover, turmeric paste is given to the groom's family along with traditional wedding day clothes. In contrast, the groom's family presents a Bihari wedding dress for the bride.


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5. Mandappachadan

Biharis set up mandap in this ritual with bamboo, mango, and banana leaves.

6. Haldi Ritual

Haldi ritual and haldi kutai are two different Bihari wedding rituals. In the Haldi ritual, the bride and groom's family apply turmeric paste on the bride and groom's body which their in-laws present. Choosing a wedding photographer in Ranchi can help you to store this beautiful memory.

Haldi Ritual

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7. Dhritdhaari and Matripooja

The groom and bride family perform the pooja in which they seek to obtain blessings from their ancestors. Meanwhile, the bride and groom's parents offer money to the ancestors or elders for forgiveness, also known as Paunpooji.

8. Silpoha and Imli Ghutai

On the wedding day, the groom's mother wraps the rice in a dupatta and grinds it during sunrise time with a silbatta; this process is known as Imli Ghutai. This helps to prevent the evil eye from the groom. Also, the groom's maternal uncle offers him betel nut, which the groom keeps in his teeth and later gives his mother to eat.

Wedding day rituals and ceremonies of Bihari Wedding

1. Paricchavan

The groom's mother performs a pooja on the wedding day before the Barat leaves home. This is an auspicious ceremony performed for the newlywed couple's well-being.

2. Baraat Prasthaan

The entire groom's family left home with other baratis to bring the bride to their home. A buggi, horse cartridge, or car is decorated with flowers for the groom's departure to bring his bride. On the other hand, all family members, relatives, and friends follow the venue with music. The bride's family performs a small ceremony at the wedding venue to warmly welcome the Barat.

3. Jaimalaand Galsedi

Jaimala is the process wherein garlands get exchanged between bride and groom. After the completion of the garland ceremony in the mandap, the bride's mother and other married women of her family heat the betel leaves in the lamp and make the ashes. Later the ashes are put on the groom's face, and they throw cow dung at the groom's back. It is one of the unique wedding rituals in Bihari weddings.

4. Kanganabandhan and Kanyadaan

On the right hands of the bride and the husband, the pujari ties a holy thread. This holy thread comprises colorful rice, money, haldi, mango leaves, and cotton. Meanwhile, a barber is arranged to cut the toenails of both bride and groom. Once the ceremony is completed, the Bihari bride is given to the groom by her parents.

5. Bhaisur Nirakshan, Kuldevtaki puja, and pheras

The bride's father-in-law and elder brother-in-law gift her saree and other jewellery in the Bhaisur Nirakshan ceremony. Ancestral jewellery is gifted to the bride by her in-laws. Later, they offer prayers to kuldevta and other ancestral deities. After that, the phera ceremony begins, which the wedding photographer captures to store cherishable moments.

Post-wedding rituals of Bihari Wedding

1. Kohwar parikshan salami and vidai

The next day after the marriage, the couple dresses up for kohwar parikshan early in the morning. In this ritual, married ladies of the groom's home search for blood spots on the bed sheet to confirm whether they consummated their marriage night.

In the salami ritual, the family gives cash and other gifts to the groom and then prepares him to depart with his wife to their home. This ceremony is known as vidai. From here, rituals after the marriage starts to begin.

2. Swagat aarti, Mooh dikhayi and chauthari

This is the most cherishable moment for the couple as they receive a warm welcome at the groom's home with pooja and other ceremonies. Meanwhile, the mooh dikhayi ceremony is also arranged for the bride, wherein she receives money and other gifts from family, relatives, and neighbors.

3. Chauka Chulai

At this ritual stage, the bride's mother-in-law handover her home's key. This sweet gesture represents the handover of responsibilities to the bride. Also, the bride is asked to cook five dishes. When the entire family has the meal, shagun and blessings are given to the bride by her in-laws.

4. Summing up

Undoubtedly Bihari weddings are beautiful and imprint an impressive definition on others' hearts. Both bride and groom enthusiastically participate in the event, and to make these days more memorable, we create a Bihari marriage photo. QPI India becomes your memory maker by offering you a skilled photographer on your special day.