3 Nov 2021

Inspos On Bengali Mehndi Design

Though it is not very indigenous to the Bengali culture, Bong brides these days love to adorn their palms with beautiful designs made with henna paste. With the globalization of fashion, Bengalis have adopted a number of things to their culture, and henna art is one of them. But if you are a to-be bride, you might be wondering what can be the Bengali mehndi designs for you to do on your palms, to get the perfect shots clicked by your bengali wedding photographer.

full hand and leg mehendi design

1. Simple And Full Symmetric Bengali Style Mehndi Design

This beautiful symmetrical mehndi design is indeed a very perfect and filling design for a Bengali style mehndi design. The simple and intricate swirl motifs along with the fingers, the creeper like crisscrosses on the palm, and the Pakistani style floral motif on the outer corners of the palm is indeed a perfect fusion of many designs. The two elaborate peacock motifs at the top of the designs are yet another attractive part of this design. 

symmetric peacock design mehendi art

2. Half And Half Mehendi Design For Bengali Wedding

This design seems to be the halves of one single design. The half arch design on the inner corner of each palm seems to complete one single arch. The designs above the arch motifs, seem to be a continuation of each other. The mehndi artist has perfectly chosen a Pakistani style mehndi art for this bride. The entire design is simply flawless.

half and half mehendi art

3. Dulha-dulhan Portrait Bengali Style Mehndi Design

Portrait mehndi art is indeed a very popular buzz these days. The dulha and dulhan motifs in the inner corner of the palms make the main attraction of this mehndi design for bride. The semi heart-shaped borders to the portrait motifs, make it feel as if the couple is enclosed in the heart. The entire hand is filled with intricate and skilful swirls and floral motifs. 

Dulha-dulhan mehndi art

4. Arabic Style Floral Mehendi Design

Arabic mehndi style is mainly done with paisleys, diagonal motifs, and floral designs. This simple and beautiful mehndi designs is done of very intricate floral motifs in the Arabic style itself. The zig-zag design and leaf-like motifs on the fingers finish the design indeed very well. A very minimalist yet regal simple mehndi design.

Arabic mehendi design

5. Swirly And Modern Bengali Mehndi Design

The simplistic swirly motif mehndi design is indeed a very modern and chique new Bengali mehndi design. The floral simple motifs just above the wrist fill the arrow-like borders. The tip of the fingers is adorned with floral and creeper like simple prints. All these can be the perfect choice for a minimalist bride. One of the prettiest latest mehndi design one can opt for.

Modern Bengali mehndi art

6. Pakistani Inspired Bengali Mehndi Design

This simple and filling Pakistani inspired mehndi design is something that can make any bridal hand seem to be full of beautiful henna art. The segmented designs from the fingers to the elbow is indeed a very skilful Bengali mehndi design simple to be done by the mehndi artist.

full hand segmented henna art.

7. Mandala And Criss-cross Combined Bengali Style Mehndi Design

This is yet another simple and modern mehndi art. The segmented mandala art motifs and the criss-cross hatched design is indeed a very contemporary and filling design. The feather and swirly leaf-like designs on the finger give diversity to the continuous pattern.

Mandala art mehndi design

8. Rich Rajasthani Mehndi Design

This intricate design is a true embodiment of hard work, creativity and rhythm. The impeccable flower patterns on the back of the palm indeed look like a masterpiece. The beautiful Rajasthani style mehndi design for bride is just catching our eyes. This can definitely make the perfect bengali style mehndi design with which you would love to get your Bengali wedding photography done. 

Intricate Bengali mehndi art

9. Royal Madala Style Bengali Mehndi Design

This is yet another beautiful and sophisticated traditional mehndi design. The intricate Mandala art in the centre of the palm gradually extends to fill up the hand. The fingers got a criss-cross motif with their tips shaded. The flower-shaped border to the mandala is surrounded by little swirly motif. Perfect and simple mehndi design for bong brides.

Mandala mehendi art design

10. Chique Modern Bengali Mehndi Design

This is a very simple and modern design of mehndi for brides. The angular aboriginal designs make this a treat for any quirky and minimalist bride. The abstract arrow motifs along the wrist and above is indeed the speciality of this form of art. The unalome at the end of the design is the cherry on the cake! A beautiful Moroccan design.

simple modern bengali mehndi design

11. African Funky Mehendi Art For The Minimalist Bride

This is yet another modern African style mehndi design. Though African culture doesn't have any indigenous form of henna art, body art or tattoos are very common to the tribes. Typical Tribal aboriginal design has become a very common pick for body art lovers, and also Mehendi enthusiasts. This makes a perfect choice of simple mehndi design for modern brides.

African mehndi art

12. Pakistani Gorgeous Mehndi Design For Hands

Pakistani mehndi art is yet another very widely adopted style in Bengali bridal mehndi art. This skill full design here is indeed an exhibition of a very professional hand. The flawless design in intricate floral motifs and creeper designs make this a very filling and beautiful Bengali mehndi design.

Pakistani Gorgeous Mehndi Design