13 May 2023

You need to make lots of plans for making your wedding a success. One of these plans that you need to do at the very beginning will be to create a wedding invitation for your guests. This invitation will reflect your wedding style and will also provide an indication of how the wedding festivities will appear as well as information regarding timings, the location, the wedding photo-shoot, and so on. Consequently, it will be imperative to select a competent and appropriate invitation maker before doing anything else. In this digital age, it will be a great idea to go for an e invite video for wedding. Take a look at some surefire guidelines for creating e invite wedding video in 2022.

1. Incorporate All The Required Details

Make sure to provide all the important information regarding the wedding on the e invite for wedding video. You will not like any guests to visit the wedding venue on an improper date. As a result, important information like time, date, as well as location has to be provided on the e invite video for Indian wedding. You might decide to stick to traditional ways of presenting your marriage information or you might also go for some more entertaining and exciting ways. Irrespective of your choice, it will be a good idea to design the invitation by making use of a marriage video invitation platform. In case you intend to get married, make it a point to inform the invitees to commence their trip reservations. Do not forget to mention the time for picking up their luggage and booking their tickets at the end of the wedding invitation video.

Incorporate All The Required Details

2. Incorporate The Couple’s Candid Photographs In The Invitation

Before creating the e invite video for wedding, make sure to select some candid video clips or photographs of both of you captured by an experienced photographer in Kolkata for wedding. It is imperative for these video clips or photographs taken by a reliable wedding photographer in Kolkata to showcase your actual personality in front of the guests. In this way, you will be able to set the ideal tone for the wedding ceremony. Make sure to unfold your fairytale before the eyes of the invitees by passing on your narrative in words. Provide the marriage invitation video with a personal touch by including some intimate moments that you have shared together. For this, it will be sensible to show your love by simply selecting some music for representing your emotions.

Couple’s Candid Photographs

3. Choose The Appropriate Colors And Font

Make sure to request the invitation designer to select the appropriate color and font. It will be better to go for a vivid color as well as a formal typeface for creating the wedding invitation video. Choose the fonts and colors for all the invitees and there should not be any mistakes on this special day of your life. You may try to personalize the online wedding invitation video with some interesting typefaces in case the subject of the film demands it. However, always bear in mind that the invitees are going to attend a marriage ceremony and not a birthday party for a child. As a result, stay away from using bright shades or any comic typefaces.

Choose The Appropriate Colors And Font

4. Go For A Unique Ending

It will not be a bad idea to conclude your e invite video for wedding with a funny video clip or picture which will make all the guests and visitors laugh. For example, there will be a surprise present for the early-bird visitors. You may simply conclude by asserting that you would like the guests to attend the ceremony while emphasizing their presence in your life. Otherwise, you can end things positively by picking any subject from inspiration to humor. Only you need to make sure that the visitors praise your wedding video invitation ideas and attend the wedding ceremony without fail. It is essential to remember that not every wedding invite videos have to be romantic and you may lighten the video by making use of humor.

Go For A Unique Ending

5. Take Feedback From Your Near And Dear Ones

Perhaps you are doubtful whether the spelling and the grammar are okay in the e invitation card video for wedding. In this case, it will be sensible to obtain feedback from your kith and kin by sending them an email and asking for their feedback before sending the invitations to your family and friends. Try to find out replies to some questions such as whether the video format is working with both iOS and Android. Also, find out whether the viewers are finding it difficult to go through the digital wedding invitation on any phone. Try to make certain that the invites provided by you are free from any mistakes or formatting issues. This will make it possible for all the wedding guests to see the wedding invitation video in a hassle-free manner after opening the file. Try to make use of wedding invitation templates while exploring your layouts. These wedding invitation video templates will usually provide you with great results in the long run.

Take Feedback From Your Near And Dear Ones

6. Time To Send Invitations

After going through all these steps mentioned in the previous paragraphs, it is time for you to send out the invitations. Make it a point to check everything several times so as to make sure that the wedding invitation video is flawless. Ask your relatives or friends to have a look at these invitations for providing you with their feedback. It will be even better if you have a friend who has a comprehensive knowledge of grammar. Take care not to make any mistakes in the wedding invitation video such as typos, wrong information regarding the wedding venue and the marriage date, and so on. After all, it is your wedding which will happen once in your lifetime and you should take every precaution to make it a successful one. After you have cross-checked everything at least 3 or 4 times, you should have a flawless e invite for wedding ready for sending to your wedding guests.

Time To Send Invitations

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Wedding Invitation Videos For Whatsapp Acceptable?

Yes, it is absolutely okay! Many individuals are making use of smartphones at present or have at least access to the Internet.

2. What Should Be The Length Of A Video Invite?

It will not be a good idea to make the invitation video quite long. It should be 2 minutes or even less than that in length.

3. Is E-Invite for Wedding Better?

These types of invitations happen to be cost-effective, eco-friendly, as well as time efficient. Therefore they are better.

4. How Is It Possible To Create A video Invitation For WhatsApp?

It will not be possible to create video invitation cards on WhatsApp. However, in case you happen to be creative, the status feature of the application can be used for making beautiful invitations.

5. Which App Can You Use For An Invitation?

The name of this app is Sincerely which is available for Android as well as iOS devices.

6. What Should The Invitations Consist Of?

The wedding invitations should comprise the names of the couple, the names of the hosts, the time and date of the ceremony, the wedding website address, attire details, and so on.