Preserve Your Wedding Moments with the Best Wedding Photographes in Ranchi

Relive your special day like a beautiful fairytale. Our Ranchi wedding photographers ensures that your memories are vibrant for a lifetime. Secure your best moments today!

With an artistic touch, Our wedding photographer in Ranchi aims to capture genuine emotions and weaving them into a beautifully crafted wedding saga.

Step into QpidIndia: The Foremost Wedding Photographer in Ranchi

We enjoy preserving candid moments to create the most beautiful pictures of your wedding.

At Qpid India, we're your go-to Bengali wedding photographers in Ranchi. We have a passion for documenting love tales and our years of experience in wedding photography in Ranchi helps us add a creative touch to every picture. Our commitment lies in transforming your special moments into everlasting memories. Our photography studio makes your special day unforgettable by offering high-resolution photographs. Your love story needs to be told with the expertise and passion that only our best Bengali wedding photographers in Ranchi can provide. Let us capture the essence of your journey in images that will last a lifetime. Your memories, our passion - together, we'll produce a work of art you'll cherish for a lifetime.

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 wedding photography in Ranchi

Classic Collections Of Best Wedding Photographers In Ranchi

Our best wedding photographers in Ranchi capture every single moment of your wedding day with sheer perfection to make the pictures look like a part of a beautiful fairy tale.

wedding photography in Ranchi


wedding photography in Ranchi


wedding photography in Ranchi


wedding photography in Ranchi


wedding photography in Ranchi


wedding photography in Ranchi


wedding photography in Ranchi


wedding photography in Ranchi


wedding photography in Ranchi


wedding photography in Ranchi


wedding photography in Ranchi


wedding photography in Ranchi


Turn Your Wedding Emotions Into Candid And Vibrant Frames With Best Wedding Photographer In Ranchi

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Hire Our Professional Photographers For Joyful Wedding Photography In Ranchi

Are you looking for professional Bengali wedding photographers in Ranchi? You can rely on our wedding services to capture every special occasion. Our wedding and pre wedding photographer in Ranchi transforms memories into works of art.

Best Candid Moments

One of the most remarkable qualities of a professional wedding photographer is their extraordinary ability to catch the best candid moments. These are the moments that capture the true emotions, unscripted laughter, and heartfelt exchanges that make the day genuinely memorable. By artfully documenting the candid essence of a wedding, they weave together an authentic narrative that speaks volumes.

Cinematic Photography

Making a movie out of your wedding photos is what cinematic photography is all about. We can turn regular moments into really special scenes that look dramatic and exciting. Imagine your wedding day as if it were a scene from a magnificent film - that's what we do! It's a way to make your memories feel even more amazing and unforgettable

Happy Clients

Our leading Bengali wedding photographers in Ranchi make their clients happy. They don't just take pictures ‚Äď they make sure everyone feels great throughout the whole photoshoot experience. Our Bengali wedding photographers and videographers listen to what you want and work hard to make your wishes come true. This makes our wedding couple smile and feel amazing. When you are happy with our work, you will tell others about it, and that's why our photography services are so popular.


Justified Delivery Time

We always stand up to our clients' expectations by delivering high-quality wedding pictures on time. We know how much you are excited to get a glimpse of all those beautiful and romantic moments. That is why we ensure to make timely delivery of each project.

We Understand

Qpidindia understands very well that the pictures clicked by us will be an heirloom. And that is why to try to highlight all those real moments through a creative and impactful wedding tale. We leave no stone unturned to make your wedding album a true piece of creative work.

Delivers Best Images     

Being the top wedding photographers in Ranchi, we are really good at giving you the best photography experience. Our portrait photographers know how to take photos that look amazing and capture all the special moments. We pay attention to the smallest details and apply our skills to enhance the photographs. When you see these pictures, you'll feel like you're living those moments all over again.

Make Every Moment Count With Our Wedding Photography In Ranchi To Cherish The Beautiful Memories Forever

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Discover the passionate artists who weave magic through their lenses that results in quality and creative photography.

We Are The Best Wedding Photographers In Ranchi

Join us in celebrating the best wedding photography in Ranchi, where every smile, every moment is filled with happiness and memories.

Welcome to our world of excellence, where we have a staff of 28 committed and professional wedding photographers in Ranchi. Our team consists of cinematographers, drone operators, editors, and photographers Ranchi that work tirelessly to create the best wedding photographs possible with their skills and knowledge. We capture every cherished moment with an eye for detail and a heart for storytelling. Our wedding photographers make your wedding and pre-wedding shoots experience enjoyable. Whether it's an intimate wedding or the largest celebration, our crew captures the essence of your special day in each frame with the latest digital photography appliances. What sets us apart is our dedication to providing professional services and developing life-long connections. Ready to pose for perfection? Consider hiring our professional Bengali wedding photographers in Ranchi.

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Happy Clients Of Top Wedding Photographer In Ranchi

Learn what our wedding couples have to say about our wedding photography services in Ranchi. How our creative photography has made their day memorable forever. Customer satisfaction is assured.

Get Ready To Experience The Best Wedding Photography In Ranchi

Here are some details of why we are awarded as the best wedding photographers in Ranchi. Have a look at our various types of photography services to understand us better-

Wedding Photography In Ranchi
Wedding Photography In Ranchi

Our photographers in Ranchi make sure to provide you with the most captivating wedding photos that will be cherished for years to come

Pre-Wedding Photography In Ranchi
Pre-Wedding Photography In Ranchi

Our Bengali pre wedding photographers in Ranchi ignite the romantic spark between the two of you and bring those special moments to life

Candid Wedding Photography In Ranchi
Candid Wedding Photography In Ranchi

We love clicking those candid wedding moments in natural ways to produce wedding stories in Jharkhand that will remain in your hearts forever.

Cinematic Videography In Ranchi
Cinematic Videography In Ranchi

At Qpidindia, we focus on documenting your entire wedding event into a beautiful cinematic tale that brings happy tears to your eyes.

Vintage Wedding Photography In Ranchi
Vintage Wedding Photography In Ranchi

Our Vintage wedding photography is a wonderful style of photography that narrate the wedding moments most romantically.

Artistic Wedding Photography In Ranchi
Artistic Wedding Photography In Ranchi

We focus on creating artistic portrait photography that wedding couples love to hang on their house walls as a symbol of their eternal love.

Drone Wedding Photography In Ranchi
Drone Wedding Photography In Ranchi

Drone wedding photography is a new concept that we use to create incredible wedding pictures clicked from the sky.

Dramatic Wedding Photography In Ranchi

Adding a touch of drama to bridal pictures can make them more vibrant and expressive. And that’s why we love to infuse dramatic effects in every wedding image.

Classic Wedding Photography In Ranchi
Classic Wedding Photography In Ranchi

Our wedding photography in Ranchi team carves out those magical moments throughout your day to produce the most epic wedding tale.

Traditional Wedding Photography In Ranchi
Traditional Wedding Photography In Ranchi

Our traditional photography style focuses on creating timeless and dreamy wedding pictures by capturing the real beauty of moments.

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We take immense joy in capturing the timeless essence of couples on their wedding day that results in captivating wedding images!

Why We Are The Best Wedding Photographers In Ranchi?

Are you looking for photo studios that can help you capture the most amazing pictures of your D-day? End your search with Qpid India - the best photographer for your wedding! 

Welcome to "Qpid Events Photography," where we take great satisfaction in being the top Bengali wedding photography studio in Ranchi. Our team blends artistic vision, technical ability, and top-of-the-line equipment to create spectacular photos that capture the essence of your love. We are more than just photographers; we are memory weavers who will weave your wedding into a tapestry of cherished moments. Your big day deserves nothing less than our dedicated focus on every smile, every touch, and every detail. Our candid photographers are highly skilled in their respective fields. Our team listens to expectations and delivers the best wedding photographs that you deserve to keep as a memory of your big day. Whatever the type of event is we are ready to give you the best service in Ranchi at an affordable price.

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wedding photography in Ranchi

Wedding Photography Service By Top Photographers In Ranchi  

Capture your love story beautifully with our top-notch wedding photography services in Ranchi. Explore now some of our special photography services for all wedding couples out there-

Wedding Photography

Let our photography studio weave your love story through enchanting photos, capturing every moment, smile, and joy. We'll capture all of the important moments, from the ceremony to the reception, to create a beautiful visual story of your wedding.

Pre-Wedding Photography

Our Bengali pre-wedding photographers plan a pleasant and relaxing photoshoot before the big day to capture your excitement and love. You can use these images as wedding invitations, save-the-date cards, or simply as cherished memories.

Candid Wedding Photography  

Our candid photography approach ensures we catch genuine, emotional moments as they happen. From laughter to tears of joy, we'll capture the raw emotions that result in the most wonderful candid shots.

Post Wedding Photography

The celebrations might be over, but the magic continues. Services like post-wedding photography allow you to capture some splendid images of your post-wedding rituals and focus on creating beautiful portraits of the wedding couple in a more relaxed setting.

Traditional Wedding Photography

We offer traditional photography that captures the elegance and beauty of you and your loved ones. Our traditional photography captures the poise and charm of classic portraits, providing a dignified way to celebrate your union for generations to come

Drone Wedding Photography  

Do you wish to include a stunning aerial perspective in your wedding album? Our drone photography takes breathtaking views of your location and the surrounding area, delivering a one-of-a-kind and compelling portrait

Create Timeless Memories Of Your Joyous Wedding Celebration With Top Wedding Photographer In Ranchi

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Best Wedding Photographers In Ranchi You Should Know For D-day

Celebrate your love story by capturing the sweetest moment! Here is a list of wedding photographers in Ranchi to preserve your fairy-tale wedding memories.

Qpid India, Ranchi

Qpid event photography is a team of one of the best wedding photographer in Ranchi who can capture the most meaningful moments of your big day. With an experience of more than 6 years, they can add a romantic vibe to your wedding photography. Their candid photography has made them one of the best wedding photographer in places like Ranchi, Jamshedpur Dhanbad etc. They offer services like candid photography, traditional photography, pre-wedding photoshoot, and video shoot.

Perx Studio

If you are looking for a budget-friendly wedding photographer then you must choose the Perx Studio. Their expertise in capturing beautiful wedding moments makes them trusted wedding photographers. The pictures clicked by Perx Studio are unique in colors and creativity.

Filmy Wilmy

Filmy Wilmy is a team of passionate wedding photographers. They have covered more than 170 weddings in Ranchi. Their passionate photographers make sure to add that spark to your wedding pictures. They can create the most dreamy and romantic photos that you have always dreamt of.

The DL Pixel

The DL Pixel is another popular name for dreamy wedding photography. They have a unique style of capturing pictures that portrays the beauty of a wedding. The team of DL Pixel invests all their energy and creativity to make a captivating wedding tale.

Nayan Shaurya

An experienced photographer can ignite real emotions in picture frames. Nayan Shaurya is a renowned photographer in the city. He uses all the latest equipment to create fantastic wedding images. His creative vision can add a touch of glamour to every wedding photo.

The Snapshooter

The Snapshooter is a popular wedding photographer team who loves to capture special moments. They click pictures in their most natural form. Their pictures are a visual treat for the eyes. Their wedding photographers infuse all the emotions and paint them in colorful portraits.

Studio Erato Films

Studio Erato Films have gained much popularity in Ranchi city. Their compelling style of wedding photography is the talk of the town. They can offer you the most eye catchy wedding pictures and videos. The pictures clicked by them will remind you of the most beautiful day of your life.

Monavision Photography

Monavision photography is popular for its storytelling styles. With an experience of more than 4 years, they helped many couples to get the most fascinating wedding tale. They always found new ideas to capture some stunning candid photography moments.

Wow Photos

Wow photos is a well-known face in Ranchi for candid photography. Their artistic skills and professional attitude result in an aesthetic wedding photo album. They can provide you with splendid wedding pictures at reasonable prices.

Four Fox Productions

Four Fox Production has a keen eye for every little detail. Their team can produce extremely beautiful wedding photos by working on unique concepts. They offer various kinds of wedding photography services at a reasonable price. Their creative thinking can make your intimate moments more beautiful and alive.

Things To Ask Before Hiring A Pre Wedding Photographer in Ranchi

Before hiring a photographer in Ranchi, you must discuss a few things to plan a stress-free photoshoot session. Some of them are as follows ‚Äď

Wedding Packages

Always ask your photographer about their pre-wedding packages to understand whether it suits your wedding budget or not. The best pre wedding photographers in Ranchi offers various kinds of pre-wedding shoots packages that suit their client's need.

Photography Style

When choosing a pre wedding photographers in Ranchi you must look for a photographer who is flexible and creative enough. Understanding their style of photography will help you to understand what kind of pre wedding photos you can expect from them.


Traveling Cost

Another important thing to consider before hiring the best photographer for a pre-wedding shoot is to confirm whether they charge any traveling fee for pre-wedding photography. This will help you to avoid any uncalled surprises.

Time of Delivery

Every photographer in Ranchi for a pre-wedding shoot takes a different time to deliver the final project. That’s why you should ask your photographer about their delivery time and process in advance.

Editing Service

Best pre wedding pictures are those which are edited perfectly. It is important to know the editing style of your pre wedding photographers in Ranchi to get the most unique and creative couple pictures.


Check Their Portfolio

The portfolio of a pre wedding shoot photographer will help you to see their recent work. This will give an idea of how your pre wedding shoot pictures will look like.


Pre-wedding photography is a great way to share the story of the couple's relationship and the emotions they feel in the days leading up to the wedding.

Why You Must Hire A Pre Wedding Photographer In Ranchi ?

We love to capture authentic and timeless imagery that is quite unique and expresses pure emotions.

Pre-wedding photography is a way for the couple to remember their special day and to share their happiness with others. These pre-wedding shoot pictures can be used to create a unique wedding photo album that will be cherished for years to come.

At Qpid India, We offer a variety of pre-wedding photography packages for couples who want to capture their special day in a way that helps them remember it forever. We can help you find the best pre-wedding shoot locations in Ranchi to capture romantic couple images. Our talented pre wedding photographers in Ranchi will make sure you have a lifetime's worth of memories to look back on.

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Searching For Best Pre Wedding Photographer In Ranchi

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Photography in Ranchi

Our style of wedding photography is based on a more creative approach. We aim to deliver a unique wedding story that has the whole essence of a beautiful wedding. We love working on the unique perspective and capturing all the beautiful moments from every angle possible. Our wedding pictures will make you speechless with their beauty and take you back to the moment instantly.

We aim to create as many pictures as possible to make a breathtaking wedding tale. Our photographers will make sure to let you enjoy the gravity of the moment while clicking each picture. We will send you all the raw data, and then you need to select the one you want to add to your wedding album as a final image.

It’s very simple. You can simply dial our contact number - +91 8910014860 or write to us at with all your wedding details. We will check our availability on that particular date and get in touch with you with the best package available for you.

We’re looking forward to becoming a part of your special event and making it a memorable day for you in the best way possible!

Yes. We love to become a part of destination weddings. We have traveled to different major cities of India like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Jaipur, Ranchi, and much more to cover our client’s wedding photoshoot. So, if you are looking forward to hiring a photographer for your wedding then feel free to contact us.

Our wedding photography package includes all the elements to make your wedding event a timeless memory. We provide engagement shoots, pre-wedding shoots, and wedding and reception photoshoots as per our client’s requirements.

A good photographer in Ranchi will be able to capture all your special moments. They make use of the latest technology to create a memorable tale. Check their wedding gallery and online reviews to know about their photography style.

Yes Of course! Qpid India has a professional team in photography and videography who are all ready to document your fairytale wedding in the best possible way.

We offer services that include candid and traditional photography, cinematic videography, and aerial photoshoots. You can always go for the one which suits your budget and requirements.

Generally, a wedding photoshoot in Ranchi might range from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 for every single day. But it depends on your budget and the types of requirements you have for your wedding photoshoot.

Known as the ‚Äúcity of waterfalls‚ÄĚ, Ranchi is a paradise for a romantic pre-wedding shoot. It can add a beautiful twist to your photos with its awestruck beauty. Hundru falls, Rock garden, Tagore hills, and Ranchi lake are a few locations for pre-wedding shoots in Ranchi.

Qpid India sends you the raw and unedited data within 7-10 days after your event. Once you sort out the raw list, it would take around 30 days to deliver the final project.

At Qpid India, we work on a first come first serve basis. We highly recommend you approach us for a wedding photoshoot at least six months before the event.

Following the latest trend can add unique beauty to wedding photos. Smoke bombs, love proposals, and drone photography are some latest trends to follow.

Aerial photography is quite expensive for wedding photoshoots, ranging between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,20,000. But it can add a dramatic angle to your wedding photography.

A destination wedding has become the latest trend in India. Yes, many photographers offer a destination wedding photoshoot in Ranchi at affordable price.

You must book a wedding photographer 6 to 8 months in advance. It can help you to plan a stress-free and perfect wedding photoshoot in Ranchi.

We are currently having a team of 23 young and passionate individuals who work hard to bring smiles to couples’ faces.

With 200+ weddings across the country, Qpid India is touted as one of the most sought-after names in Ranchi for candid photography.

Yes, most Ranchi photographers ask for a deposit to secure their services, which helps reserve your preferred date and ensures a seamless collaboration for your next event.

Before hiring a photographer in Ranchi, review their portfolio and previous work to know their style and expertise, and discuss all costs, packages, and contractual details to have a clear understanding of the services you'll receive.

Photographers often bring a variety of props and equipment. It is best to address this during the initial consultation to know what is included in their services and whether any additional fees apply.

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