1 Sep 2021

Bridal fashion is indeed a very much talked about genre on the internet. But wedding fashion for grooms has been a much-overlooked topic. Gone are the days when grooms used to only wear dhoti Punjabis, or suits for their wedding. Traditional Bengali groom dress is way beyond a few staples today. With the globalization of fashion, there are many new additions to the Bengali groom's closet. From offbeat colours to funky designs, they do it all. Moreover, grooms love having some perfect shots through the lenses of the talented Bengali wedding photographer.

So let us dive into a collection of some of the trendiest yet traditional Bengali wedding reception dress for groom

1. The Regal Green Sherwani

2. A Funky Printed Jacket.

3. Maroon Embellished Sherwani

4. A Powder Pink Kurta With Ajrak.

5. A Simple Printed Kurta Jacket.

6. An Eccentric Tuxedo Suit.

7. A Classic Black Achkan With Pajamas.

8. An Asymmetrical Designer Achkan.

9. A Traditional Bengali Groom Dress Of Dhoti Punjabi.

10. A Purple Palatial Look!

Beautiful couple

1. The Regal Green Sherwani

A royal Castleton green sherwani, with self-design, looks indeed very appealing as attire for the groom. The self-design on the outfit is indeed giving the get-up spruce and defined look. The golden tiger motifs on the buttons of the sherwani, and the chain brooch is further adding to the grandeur. This shall make a perfect fusion traditional bengali groom dress.

2. A Funky Printed Jacket

And how about a quirky geometric floral printed Nehru jacket paired with a sombre off white kurta? The dual-tone effect the jacket has is making the design even more attractive. The beautiful pleated kurta in a white tone is amped up with this perky Nehru jacket. The Bengali wedding photographer of the reception is surely gonna get their lens focussed on him after the bride!

Colourful jacket

3. Maroon Embellished Sherwani

This beautiful maroon self embellished sherwani is yet another Bengali groom dress for reception. A perfect simple yet hifi looking sherwani for Bengali groom. This outfit shall look best with a simple beige kameez, dhoti or churidar.

Maroon Embellished Sherwani

4. A Powder Pink Kurta With Ajrak

This dapper and chique combination of a powder pink kurta paired with a shade darker Ajrak is indeed giving a minimalist and sophisticated look to this groom. The intricate floral embroidery along the sleeves, collar and lower jacket is adding to the galore!

Powder suit

5. A Simple Printed Kurta Jacket

This simple jacket and kurta set in lavender with the same floral print is an ultimate pick for any small event. Be it for the evening reception party, or your daytime Bhaat kaporer onusthan, this shall make a perfect traditional Bengali groom dress.

Printed suit

6. An Eccentric Tuxedo Suit

This unique suede tuxedo suit in coffee colour is sure to make you go all drools over this outfit. The floral self-design on the suede body is perfectly complemented by the black collars with golden embroidery work. Pairing it with a regular fit black trousers and a white shirt has completed the look.

Tuxedo suit

7. A Classic Black Achkan With Pajamas

This is indeed a very classic and classy Bengali wedding reception dress for the groom. The black achkan with a traditional Bengali pantaloon or pajama, adds an artistic vibe to the groom's reception look. The statement buttons add an element of sophistication to the look.

Black achkan

8. An Asymmetrical Designer Achkan

This perky asymmetrical achkan in navy blue is yet another inspo for your perfect Bengali groom reception look. The pleated stole like extension and the statement brooch is completing the elegance of the look, besides being quirky. The pajama contrasts with the achkan perfectly and brings a dapper look.

Asymetrical achkan

9. A Traditional Bengali Groom Dress Of Dhoti Punjabi

No matter how old or cliche it might sound, but the traditional dhoti Panjabi for Bengali groom is an ageless outfit. Be it the groom or the fathers of the groom and bride, the brothers, no bong man shall go wrong with wearing a dhoti and Panjabi. 

The classy combination of an off-white kurta or Panjabi, and black dhoti with a folk art designed stole is simple adding that much-needed Bong grandeur to the look.

Bengali Groom Dress Of Dhoti Punjabi

10. A Purple Palatial Look!

Purple is yet another royal and elegant colour when it comes to outfits. This gorgeous Purple Achkan with intricate hexagonal mandala self embroidery is yet another majestic looking Bengali groom reception dress. The little golden bead studs on the achkan are enhancing its look.

The groom has paired this with a sombre lilac silk kurta, and matching churidars. Also the statement Kundan layered necklace is adding to the valour of the look. The bride`s certainly gonna go vaari on her man this evening!

Purple Achkan


What do Bengali grooms wear?

Bengali grooms today wear absolutely anything they feel their best in. However, traditionally Bong grooms were seen to wear the indigenous Mayur puccho dhoti and tussar Panjabis.

Which dress is best for groom on wedding?

Anything that our dulhe raja feels his best in is the best dress on their wedding day.

However, if you are looking for suggestions, you may always go for some traditional attire like sherwani, dhoti kurta, or some western outfit.

What should the groom's brother wear?

The groom's brother can always coordinate his outfit with the groom. After all he is the most important groom`s man, for the day!

How do men look attractive in marriage?

Bass apni hone wali biwi ko yaad kar lo and the smile on your face is gonna do it all 😜😉!

However, a good skin and hair care routine, and proper sleep schedule is gonna amp your attractiveness