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Avishek & Reshmi

Living Dreams

People look for sci-fi to travel back in time while memory makes the job done so easily and we are always ready with our camera, our own time machine to take you to those memorable days and moments, where you always wish to live again and again any time you want. And memory becomes tremendously beautiful when we meet people who are equally as excited as us to make them really stunning and shining forever. Hold tight, let us take you to a metaphorical journey of two people like this through the passage of their behind the scenes.


The first page of this wedding story took place at our own Kolkata, at the residency behind our popular South City mall, in the month of November. We, with our member of almost three with our cinematographer arrived at that banquet and met our couple. They were so decent and frank to talk; we got to know that everything from the Sangeet we have to cover there at the banquet and guest number will be small in scale and so after that we as usual started to prepare our setup. A DJ was set up there and the whole décor was surrounded with music and dances all around like a party ambience and everything was so cool. There was an amazing staircase outside of that banquet and we suggested them to have their couple shoot out there; and so they agreed. After having their chatter with their family they came to the lawn outside with us after having a good dressup and makeup. We got plenty of amazing shots there. They were so photogenic and as a photographer it was beyond our expected opportunity from our client and we were so happy with their warm co-operation.
The entire location was really good to explore and to have well compositions for our shots; great big lawn, aristocratic staircase, nice passage, attractive wall decorations, ceiling and we also got an amazing clock there which we utilized as a good prop; and thus this ceremony and also we packed up within 11 to 12 of noon.

Gaye Holud

The very next chapter of the next day is the wedding day. We arrived at our bride’s apartment, which was between the area of Howrah and Shibpur. Bride wasn’t ready for her ceremony till then so we waited there 30 to 40minuts for her getup. The location at first wasn’t much good to have really great shots and after after Vridhi when the gaye holud began her family planned to have the place decorated with yellow marigold or with some other petals alike but it could not happen at that moment and the electricians did put a light in the room in such a way that we were getting green tint in the photos. We were a bit upset that we weren’t getting much creative photos during this ceremony and so we suggested her to take some clicks on the rooftop and she eagerly agreed. Our groom’s friends were also present there at that moment of this event, having so much fun and dancing in her ceremony and they also joined her on the rooftop for a photoshoot. We got plenty of satisfactory clicks there and some eye-catching singles too.
The shots at groom’s place were also so much of fun and they were so co-operative with us. His friends were making fun of him during that ceremony which shots where so hard to miss and each shot could tell a story through their expressions that moment. This session went on till 2 to 2.30 at noon.


Later in the afternoon the bride asked us to go with her for her makeover shoots in the studio; we agreed and went there by her car. In between her base makeover we had our lunch nearby there and after some couple of time we were told to come over and take her shots. We took some moments when she was ornating her jewelry and later when everything was done she posed for some mandatory shots we advised. After a couple of great portraits she told us equally in a tense and funny sound that it was her first time marriage and if she gets anymore late her mother is gonna kill her. So in the meantime whatever we found good for her shot we took and she was ready for her arrival to the venue. On the way she was so frank with us like we were her own brother which was so unimaginary and helped us a lot with our shots and we had so many jokes and leg-pulling and fun of her in her car when she was in tension for getting late for her own wedding. Somehow we calmed her our down convincing that her groom can’t start anything without her as it’s her own wedding and she surprisingly and funnily reacted and agreed with this conclusion after turning the ac on of her car to prevent herself sweating from tension. Anyway, later we managed to reach at 8pm there when it was supposed to take

  1. Venue was near Exide more. Then our bride went inside to took some photos with the family members, her friends and with some of their guests. There were so many guests around to cover and we had so little time in our hand to cover for more bridals after groom arrived; it was so hectic schedule for everyone around there and we were so helpless. We personally advised her to take atleast 2 minutes when she was arriving with her beutal leaves to have atleast minimum of some kind of bridal because after that there might not be any more scope for that. So she listened to us after that and later we had some really stunning shots of Mala-bodol, sindoor daan and other rituals and our cinematographer also made really pretty videos of them. The stage inside that décor was so large and their friends were making so much fun around them. Almost 6 to 7 including the best cinematographers of our team were present there and covered every corner of the events very amazingly with lots of excitement. The hall was full of so much laughter and fun at that moment and the wedding was over at almost 11 to 12 in the night. Moments after we got a good time in our hand to have some great couple shots and the events for that day was over at almost from 12.30 to 1 of night and we got back from there after anding our shoot for that night.

The next morning we were supposed to shoot their vidayi moments. We reached that venue again according to the scheduled time and after waiting for some moment we went with them to the groom’s house and from there we had pictures of his getting out of car and taking the bride to welcome her into her new life which was truly a mixed emotional sight to behold.


The day at reception we were at Singhi Palace, which is the most widely known amazing venue. No wonder we went there with lots of expectations for great captures. From bridal makeup to family get together shots we did pretty amazingly well with our lenses. The couple shoot at night there was extremely astounding and gorgeous at the same time. As every bride’s dream, she asked us for some single shots of her in her bridal lehenga which were all equally astonishing. Their friends were so crazy and fun that we couldn’t miss them in our shots and they followed some crazy funny poses with the couple as we advised; everything was so joyous that we ourselves got into their laughter moments together being like one of their own.