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Indian weddings, especially Bengali wedding in Kolkata are full of vibrant colors, emotions and beautiful decorations. Capturing these significant events and elaborating a story with their pictures is like a ‘dream come true’ moment for any videographer. Qpid India Photography, as a team, have covered more than 200 of weddings, specially Bengali wedding from various culture and rituals.

Best Wedding Video in Kolkata

Bengali weddings in Kolkata have beautiful, sometimes thrilling, mostly incredible stories of their journey worth celebrating and framing. Only the best Bengali wedding photography team, the best wedding videographer can frame true essence of any ongoing moment.

Pre wedding Cinematic videography:

A pre wedding is that part of a wedding where the couple just can be themselves, without being unnecessary fancy and formal to rituals. There is no place for rules and rituals here. Being yourself is the only key to reflect your true story on our lenses. Either way you can also have guide and instructions from us as a best wedding photographer, to express your own story more beautifully and expensive way to catch anyone’s attention. Emotion of the story is the base and most valuable detail which we explicitly try to cover all over the shoot as our main priority.

Destination Bengali wedding videography

Bengali are always fun loving, celebrating and travel loving people. They always bring up and surround the energy in them all over no matter where they are. However, wedding and travelling, when these two big events of their life get intersected, nothing can stop that glamorous ceremony from turning it into a festival. Nothing can be more spontaneous than having your special day celebrated at your dream destination. Destination wedding is a thing which matters your friends and family or close ones or only to you yourselves. Rather than spending all your budgets with everyone at your own place you can set your dream together only with your very close ones at somewhere far outside to change a course in random and regular wedding plans. Sometimes it might not be affordable for every client to look for best dream places to book their wedding for; but we, Qpid Event photography, the best wedding photographers in Kolkata are always here for you provide you the best places for destination wedding in your budget or even similar to your dreams without any regret. We care for our client’s emotions as special days aren’t a daily routine thing in fact once in lifetime. So we, as a best wedding photographer, provide you to have your memory framed and captured such magnificently according to your budget because at the end of everything you can only have those moments and places of travel and exploration being cherished with us through your pictures perfectly fit in it.

Best cinematic wedding video

We all love to watch movies. Some of them we love so much to repeat over and over in a way it becomes so special in our life. Wedding video is something like that movie. It takes almost a lifetime sometime or just a special day to find your soul mate. Since that day to your wedding day together tells a journey worth recording which includes precious moments with their friends and family. From the first moment of first sight to taking a vows for each other as a best wedding photographer, we give our best effort to put every pieces and join them to deliver a best wedding videography honoring your special day. We might not be able to shoot a movie but can afford to put our clients in it as a lead model and center of the theme with good background music, scripting your story, choosing some good places to endure it by considering our couple as stars from reel life to give a form of real life. And that’s important because stills don’t properly stand the story alone, moments of motion complete them. As a best wedding photographer in Kolkata we provide the best wedding videography with good lights, direction and cinematography to give your story a cinematic form to adore for lifetime worth watching again and again

Candid wedding videography

Candid not just goes only with photography but also what we call candid moments are actually moments which can be better with video. We often can’t recognize that exact emotion in a capture but we can with the flow of it. A best wedding photographer works as a third eye between the audience and the people in who are getting framed into their camera; only he can see through those precious moments and emotions to make them .notable and worth attaching and involving them with the story of their wedding videography they are producing.

We provide the best drone footage of your wedding

We always use the latest technologies and instruments in our work. This includes drone, which is a very trending feature of a modern work. It is nothing but a floating camera to find better angles of shot which a grounded photographer can’t afford to take. Also not every venue allows using drone still we manage to give best shots without any compromise in any detail ever. A most stunning album requires the best effort in and we, as a best wedding photographers in Kolkata always try our hardest and gift you our best outcome of our work.

What kind of music do we use in a cinematic wedding video

Music connects people.Not every music goes with every video. We always don’t always put romantic songs in video. We find the proper music which goes best with your story and synchronize according to playbacks. a good video with a good matching music in background is like a cherry on top of cake. And we, the best wedding photographers in Kolkata know best the emotion of a Bengali and also take suggestion to our client’s choice, it’s important to us as that music can be their special memory. As we are making your story of emotion this is our top priority to make this your choice included performing the key moment to make it unique all the time to produce the best wedding videography ever.

Our team of experts will provide you the best you can imagine ever. Specializing our experiences with technology meets the best result in capture of the story behind your special final day. We just don’t give you story we gift you and emotion of wave filled with feelings and love; and our only intention is to meet our client’s expectation with our films in a way so that they can feel them alive on screen. As best wedding photographer in Kolkata we also maintain our delivery schedule without affecting your excitement as this is what makes us happier and more engaging to our work. You create memory, remind us to preserve them for you.

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